Monday, May 23, 2011

12 May 2011 Monte Carlo

What an incredible city. We headed off to find the train station and hopped on a train to Nice. It was a pleasant journey, we arrived in Nice not sure what to do and just decided to head down the main road. We had not researched this town so we just ambled along. Andre was not overly impressed, but I enjoyed the quaint little streets although it was not very clean in comparison to Monte Carlo. It is a very French little town with also beautiful cathedrals, I entered a church in the middle of town and a service was in progression. With my Catholic history I loved looking at all the old churches. After about two hours wandering aimlessly we decided to head back to Monte Carlo. Luckily Andre checked the train we hopped on because we were on the wrong one on our way to Paris and not back to Monte Carlo - so he would have won this time on the amazing race!

We headed back to the yacht for lunch as we were both famished. We walked the Grand Prix route my husband was in heaven. We hopped on the open top tour bus and saw all the sights of Monte Carlo the Casino the gardens the Grimaldi palace the Oceanarium, it was a very informative trip about an hour long, we hopped off at the palace to take some photos of the city and to purchase some gifts. We hopped on again and then decided to get off and take some photos and relax in the gardens. and then proceeded to walk more of the Grand Prix route. It was simply beautiful. Walked through a very expensive shopping centre,then walked more the Grand Prix circuit. Lots of expensive cars around every corner. Andre continued to walk I decide my legs had had enough and so hopped back on the bus and did the entire trip again just so I could get off right at the Port. I decided this time round to listen to the tour in French since it was my third time. It was fun I felt cultured!

After dinner we were exhausted from the days walking and after a brief stay in the lounge and one dance we headed off to bed. An incredible day and unbelievably beautiful city

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  1. Wow, what beaut pics, such a lovely one of you and the man. :-)