Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 3 10 May Day at Sea

Awoke at 6.45 had some room service in bed and then went back to sleep again and woke about 8.30. Then headed up to breakfast. Today we can do nothing but RELAX a day at sea. After breakfast I sat at the Yacht club and diligently did my Beth Moore "Patriachs Bible Study " home work. Then at 11 headed off to the gym to listen ti a talk on how to maintain a flat stomach and discovered that that band around my waiste is called TOXIC WATER not fat. I need to get rid of the toxins and I will see the band of fat melt away - oh well that will have to be next week because this week I aint thinking about diet! Then heaeded off to sit in the hot tub swam a bit in the pooland then headed to my cabin to dose. When I awoke took a shower and headed up to lunch. OMG Had the most amazing strawberry cheesecake. Bake to my cabin to sleep off my lunch. At about 3pm Andy and I headed to the bow of the ship to have the famous Titanic pose photos taken
Spent time chatting to the captain who you can see in my top photo. He is only 32 years old. A british dude Cpt Alan MacEyre I think thats how you spell it - quite a catch for some young lady. He will sure take her places!

Then headed back to the Yacht club and ended up chatiing to Lisa for about an hour. Lovely learning about other people and their families. We then headed off to the lounge to learn about St Tropez and what our next port tomorrow would hold for us. Went off to change for dinner had dinner at Degrees Restaurant which became our favourite dinner place to eat.

Finished the night relaxing and dancing in the lounge and then headed for bed!!!!!


  1. Boon our waiter posing with me. He was from Indonesian what a character.

  2. Wow..that food looks so decadent! Everything souinds so chilled and relaxed.... *sigh* Lovely!