Sunday, December 12, 2010

9 December 2010

So it must be nearing the holidays if you have to go and look at your calendar to see what the date is... I am beginning to feel it 11 days and I am on leave. Flip it has been one crazy year.

I have not been too great the past two days with a vicious stomach bug attacking my system and now at 3.41 I am awake with my chest bothering me. The weather has been insanely beautiful in Cape Town with no wind. These are beach days and it is aweful when you have to work!!! However I am almost there. 20 summons ready and waiting for the sheriff to deliver. Month end November almost done and dusted....

I fly to Jhb next week Wednesday and I am beyond excited. Although my holiday officially only starts on the 21st I am working right up until then need to pay salaries on the 20th and then I am putting my laptop away...well fro work purposes, of course I will blog and twitter and Facebook.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

4 December 2010

So two weeks ago I saw this new physio guy at the New Cape Quarter . Physio is hard work its not what we imagine a nice massage, nope no pain no gain. He also put me on this sort of exercise programme. I go swim everyday, and I bought this ball and am doing these exercises. So today I feel like I have a gazillion new muscles. Every part of me aches. But it is a good ache because I am feeling stronger. I feel like I have the strength to climb a mountain. I havent felt this good since I was dancing 20 years ago.

My paralegal business is up and running and I feel focused and excited.

Ashleigh is now officially finished matric, she left with 6 girlfriends today for Knysna. Her dad is amazing he drove them there and is going to fetch them again on Tuesday. There is nothing he wont do for his little girl.

One week and 2 days and I will be in Johannesburg. Bring on the holidays!!!!!!!!