Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 in Review

Its been a good year. It has been a year with many challenges. It has been a year of tremendous growth. January - Mom goes in for a massive operation to remove a huge tumour. For 24 hours her life hung in the balance, but she pulled through the surgeon was confident he had removed all the cancer. I breathed a sigh of gratitude and relief.
February - Sad good byes to my students and friends at Silikamva High. felt really honoured to have been part of the Silikamva history. Moved on to St Joseph's Marist College. The months to come would be the worst work experience of my life. It would also be a grace journey and one in which I stand up for my principle's. A huge learning curve. March - Andre starts his new job. A huge risk a huge challenge as he buys into a partnership. One that will only see the rewards financially in a couple of years. What a joy to see my man so happy and motivated and fulfilled. A good move indeed. GRATEFUL for God's goodness.
April- I can't think of anything significant in this month other. Lots of Public holidays and preparing for Jason's 21st. Furiously scrapping uncaptured years. May - Jason turns 21! Awesome weekend with a full house of family from Johannesburg. A great time was had. So grateful for this young man's life.
June - July School holidays was a lovely time to relax, chill at home did lots of projects and just loved being home in the cold weather. August - my collegue and friend Bernie was fired. It was a month of shock as i watched events unfold... September - My favourite month of the year. My 25th wedding anniversary. My husband rocked my world giving me a new car. I love her. So grateful for God's provision a good husband, my best friend and awesome dad.
October - I resigned from St Joseph's and started my new position at Kronendal Primary. Jesse was made Head Boy for 2016. Aa very proud moment for Andre & I. A dream come true for Jesse.
November -
My friend Sally- Ann lost her son Daniel. It was a shock and once again a reality check on how fragile life is. December - Ashleigh graduates with honours. #fees must fall means graduation will only take place in June 2016. None the less she is signed with PWC for her articles. So grateful to God for the blessing of her bursary for the 5 years spent at UCT her hard work finally paying off and my daughter emerging as a butterfly and deciding to embrace independence and flying the nest in February of 2016. So proud of this beautiful young lady....
Such a lovely time with my mom in Cape Town the past 2 weeks. Amazing time at the Silikamva Christmas Party. So grateful for a year where I have know the grace and favour of God. I look forward to 2016 with all it is opening up for me. New challenges and dreams coming true. My heart is bursting ..... Jason passed 1st year at UCT and moves on to 2nd year Jesse heads into Matric Thank you to all who have made this year a beautiful journey for me I look forward with a heart full and bursting with excitement for 2016

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life Life

The title of my blog " Life life" something my daughter always says and it's become a a saying we have all adopted. We use it when things are kind of tough or when things go different to how we had hoped, it kind of means jsut deal with it but it is also under toned with a tough of sarcasm, because usually in comparison to so many around us it is unconsequential. This year has flown by - I mean 22 days until Christmas and and 28 days until 2016! It is madness! It has been a busy year filled with lots of changes and many exciting things in the Blignaut household. Andre started his own business, running the VALUE TYRE FITMENT CENTRE in Tokai. Ashleigh has just graduated with Honours and enters the working world next year, she continues to study furiously for her first Board exam. Jason has successfully completed his first year of university, as well as releasing his first single on Soundcloud. He continues to just get better an better with his music. Jesse my baby is entering his final year of high school and is Head Boy at St Joseph's Marist College. I started working as the Bursar at Kronendal Primary School in October. It's been a BUSY year indeed. We have felt the smile of God on our family and we are so grateful for His grace that extends towards us daily. For me personally it has been a year of huge personal growth. My time at St Joseph's was tough but taught me many things. Don't make hasty decisions. Stand up against unethical and corrupt people and business practices. Make a stand, and do not be afraid to speak out even if it means being victimized. But once again I am at a crossroads and seeking God's voice. EISH LIFE LIFE!!! I am looking forward to break up day next week - 4 lovely weeks of summer holidays. Two of which my precious mom will be with me. Another miracle of 2015. In January her life hung in the balance but God graciously gave her more time and we are blessed to have her strong and healthy again. So looking forward to having her in Cape Town for Christmas. I am grateful for each day. I am grateful for the people I do life with. I am grateful for family. I am grateful for a life lived each day in victory - because of JESUS. This Christmas season let us remember the gift He is to this world and to each of us individually if we choose to accept that gift Some memories of 2015