Friday, November 14, 2014

Life...a fragile gift

This beautiful photo of my family with Granny June. Granny June she has always been a part of our lives.....I cannot imagine life without her. Last night we found out my mom has a suspected colon cancer. We chatted briefly on the phone and for my mom she was in good spirits. She told me that when she saw her doc on Friday last week he called cancer the Holy Disease because once people get the big C diagonosis, they turn to God or try and search for what will be beyond this life. As Christ followers we know we need not fear death, we know it is imminent, and we know that we have life beyond this life. But when we are actually faced with the reality it is a whole different ball game. Life is fragile precious. My mom is 76, so we know that she is drawing near to the time when God will call her home. She has had full and blessed life so why does the thought of losing her send me into a puddle of tears. I love her and I cannot imagine not being able to just pick up the phone and saying hello. Because I would love her around to see all my children graduate, to maybe see at least two of them get married maybe see one of my grandchildren. Because life is precious and beautiful and I want to be able to have my mom around to enjoy it all. For me this is when living away from family becomes difficult... I want to be there to be able to help, to make Mom's life easier. She is due to leave for Australia in 4 weeks to spend a beautiful holiday with my step sisters, she is still determined to go. I hope she does get to go and that it is filled with lots of beautiful memories and appreciation for this vast and beautiful world we live in, that she comes back and can live her remaining time her on earth surrounded by family and friends who adore her. But my greatest prayer is that she would find her peace with God that passing from this life into the next will just be a one where she can say I have lived well and now I will live in eternal worship of my great Saviour and wait on the other side to welcome others I have loved when their allotted days are over.