Monday, August 10, 2015

Evil persists if good men & women do nothing

Never before in my life have I ever been lost for words. But I find myself in this place. I am not at liberty to blog the details but this picture really describes my situation. I feel sad and disillusioned at how environments can be so toxic and yet go unnoticed by the powers that be. But I feel very strongly that evil will persist if good men & women do nothing. So it was very encouraging when I read Tony Johnson blog One day at a time Posted on August 10, 2015 by livetones Jesus Your offering was enough To perfect me For all time Now the race is on Faltering Falling Injuries One member compensating For the other I am a perfected work In progress Your finished work Is being finished I am being made holy Even as I stand Holy before You My eyes are on You Turned toward Your throne My ears are open To hear Your eternal word To behold You To become like You Transformed From one degree of glory To the next According to Your good pleasing and perfect will You are at work in me That I may work out The salvation You put in me I come to Your throne of grace To receive mercy and find grace To finish the race You marked out for me One day at a time With You Thank you Tony for sharing so eloquently. You have encouraged me to walk this journey ONE DAY AT A TIME