Sunday, January 30, 2011

J & B Met 29 January 2010

What a fantastic day. First we went off to UCT parent orientation. Well organised and a pretty fantastic University. Feel so priviledged and so proud that my daughter is going there. Thank you God for the miracle of her bursary!

Then after tht we charged home and changed for the J & B Met. Here are some pics. It was a wonderful date with my Prince charming

Thursday, January 27, 2011

27 January 2011

Yesterday was awesome. Ashleigh and I went to have breakfast at Voila! Then we went to Canal Walk. It was very successful and we managed to get everything, well almost to get her ready for varsity. Still need to get a duvet inner and then we are all set.

She wil be 18 in just a 14 days, I cannot believe how quickly the years have gone. Suddenly I am seeing a beautiful butterfly starting to emerge. It is so tough too know I have to let her fly when she is delicate and soft ~ she feels like any almost 18 year old, she cannot wait to get wheels to have the freedom to come and go as she pleases. We asked her what she would like to do for her 18th and she told her dad "Drinks at La Med but no adults please you must have a table on the other side" Gasp splatter!!!! I think Andre almost fell off his chair. And then the following day we can have lunch just the family at Wakame please dad!

I am up early as Andre and I are one of 35 couples going to the Espesso studio in Seapoint dressed "Larger than life" to try and win VIP experience at the J & B Met. So if you are awake watch SABC 3 5.30 - 7.30 and hold thumbs. Must dash got to get ready!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26 January 2011

Today has been one crazy day, am so looking forward to tomorrow - taking the day off with Ashleigh. We are going to exercise together then enjoy breakfast at Voila! and then shop till we drop at Canal Walk.

Joined the Beth Moore biblestudy at Commonground. Its going to be awesome, we are doing The Patriachs so lots of Jewish history. Am so looking forward to this.

So The Closer series is interesting, What does it really mean to be graphted to the Vine, to not bear fruit? When a plant is dying the best way to save it is to cut off the branches near the root and with lots of water and nurturing it will grow and reproduce life again. Are we like that? What is the metaphor of John 15? What was Jesus really saying? If we are not bearing fruit does He cut us off and throw us away? How then do we stay graphted in attached to our life source?

This is not such an easy question to answer, I am still mulling through it in my head. There are so many times I dont bear fruit, does He throw me away like this passage suggests. I don't think so. How do I stay connected graphted in ~ well I know spending time with Him helps not just a daily devotion but time in deep communion and walking everyday aware that I am part of something greater than myself. Taking the metaphor further and making sure that the roots are going deep and are firmly planted going deeper and wider. A beautiful tree has a deep and strong root system. It needs watering, food love air.

'The Giddy Tree' by David Hart

Giddy tree, oh giddy tree
You tickle my funny bones
You see

Your branches swirl and twirl
And you look all gnarled and
Ready to unfurl

You creak and swing with
In a sweet swirling and
Affectionate breeze

Feisty tree, oh feisty tree
Butterflies dance
And fall in a frenzy
At your knees

Silly tree, oh silly tree
Ladybugs sunbath and linger
Giddy on your leaves

Limber tree, oh limber tree
You give and you live
A delight to the
and always you please

Dreamy tree, oh dreamy tree
Love birds surround you
and like adventurous ships sailing on
Sprite and dazzling seas

Charming tree, oh charming tree
Little children squeal and tickle
and swing on your arms in
the breeze oh so fickle

Mysterious tree, oh mysterious tree
The sparrows adore you
The squirrels they implore you
The owls ever asking you,
Who, who, who
The stars with certainty
Know you are no fool

You are a funny and twisty and
dreamy and mysterious and
wonderful and charming
tree, you.

David Hart

Saturday, January 22, 2011

22 January 2011

Gosh where does the time go. Almost done with January. And oh on its almost month end again!!!

So this has been an exciting and interesting week. Ashleigh got confirmation of acceptance at residence at UCT. It is weird to think my daughter is off to university, how strange my house is going to feel with her away in the week. I love her company, even though we don't always agree on things, I am so going to miss having her gentle presence in my home. I get chest pains just thinking about it. I wander how her Dad must feel because she is the apple of his eye. I know her brothers are also feeling the pain of being ripped from there sister. Yesterday I swapped rooms around and when Jason came home and I showed him his new room he couldnt care less about how his room looked his first response was "Oh no Ashleigh has left for varsity already!" He was delighted when he

saw she had just moved rooms.They are very close and I think it is going to be difficult for Jason, thank goodness we trusted God and waited and didnt rush to send her to the Free State because they were begging us to send her!

So lots of emotional change next week in the Blignaut household.

So I finally printed my first set of business cards Robin Hood Legal is official. Watch this space!

Kuzina work continues with same challenges but I am enjoying the team we have become. Although I will say Greek people are a tribe of their own.

Weigh less is proving to be easier than I expected I have another weigh in this morning but last week I lost 1.6kgs, and this week I have been able to gym everyday well almost Wednesday I gave gym a skip as I have come down with an insane head cold~seriously in the middle of summer!

Worth checking this out on Utube Please support them and subscribe to them. Buy Song and Album Here: Check Them out at their Website Here: When listening please pay attention to the lyrics and

Monday, January 10, 2011

10 January 2010

The nostalgia of Christmas still lingers and the idea of being permanently on holiday feels like a good idea, but it is the 10th of January and school goes back next week. So time to get organised.

My daughter starts university in a month. She was accepted with a full bursary at UFS but we are still holding out for the UCT bursary, She did so well and I just feel that she did Xhosa for a reason. 5 years of struggling with this difficult language and now sending her to the Free State would be linguistical suicide. So peeps please continue to have faith with me that UCT will find her a place in res and then she can complete her studies here. She got 91% for Maths how insane is that!!!Gosh I am so proud of her. I went to UCT Friday and tried to fight her case. Seriously does the commerce department really want to lose this brain to the University of the Free State? Lets hope and pray that my words did not fall on deaf ears. Truth is she is only 17 and I am not yet ready to lose my baby, I have come to terms with the fact that the burary requires her to stay in residence but having her in one up the road is far less painful to cope with.

Jason is off to Camp Rev today and I am sure it wil be fantastic. This is quite a significant week for me. On Wednesday I finally have my appointment with the rheumatologist. Watch this space for results.... if you rememeber when I was so ill last year one of the discoveries was an exceptoinally high rheumatoid count so I was supposed to see the rheumatologist but my savings ran out and I could not face another specialists bill so I delayed it by 3 months so my new year financial medical aid savings could kick in.

I have been continuing with physiotherapy for this freaky left side of my body and it is definitely paying off. Its very painful everytime I go but I am definitely feeling an improvement.

Anyhow its once again time to finish my month end so let me not procratinate anymore... have a fantastic day everyone and if you are in Cape Town take advantage of our long beautiful days and get out there and hike or climb a mountain. Or just enjoy our beautiful beaches!!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2nd January 2011

Welcome 2011 I am so pleased 2010 is behind us. I am so excited for this year ahead. "For I Know the plans I have for you says the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. plans for a future and a hope."

Almost Jesse's 13th birthday. Gosh 3 teenagers ~ I think life may get more interesting. Just 4 days and we will have Ashleigh's matric results, Jason is off to Camp Rev and well back to routine from Monday.

Johannesburg "holiday" was awesome. I say holidy in brackets because I never really took a complete break I had Kuzina queries everyday except Christmas as I switched off my phone. I kind of had no choice my daughter made me tis beautiful card that had a picture of Christmas and then next to it my laptop with a big red cross through it. I took the hint and never turned my laptop on either. It was a wonderful day but I will never do it wiwithout Andre again. Even though I was surrounded by all of my family I fefelt a tinge of loneliness. I was kind of hoping he would just arrive as a surprize.

This is a picture of the kids waiting for the Gautrain, what an amazing train.


Linda Johnson wrote this poem and this is my prayer too for 2011

By Linda Lowe Johnson

So, how will it be for me?
Will I do things I have never done before?
Will I say "No" to things I could say "Yes" to?
Will it get old or will it stay new?

Will I keep shedding my old skin?
Will I keep growing and changing as the days go by..
Each day a happier and kinder person?
Will I use each day to it's utmost,
Or will I let days go to waste on meaningless things..

Will I number my days and live wisely and strategically?
Will 2011 fly by in dreams, fantasies and good intentions,
Or will I put action and movement to my well thought out plans
To change my world..

I want to live, I want to give,
I want to be a miner for gold* in the people I meet
I want something to move and adjust in them when I speak
Let me look intently into their eyes and hearts
So I can bring growth and change.

I don't want to be lazy or selfish in my loving.
I want life to spring up in those who have died a thousand deaths
In their world of pain and harshness.

Let me be a pillow. A comfy bed. A cuddly blanket.
A water bottle. Water. Food. Shelter.

Let my words be few.
May my actions speak louder than words
Quick to listen and do and slow to speak

When my hand moves to touch,
Let not my mind hold it back.

When my eyes need to see,
Let not my eyelids close.

When my tongue is ready with a loving word,
Let not my mouth hold it in.

May there be unity in my body, mind and spirit;
Every part of me moving together
To show unconditional love and kindness
To those who can never repay me.

12 December

So yesterday I finished my tattoo. It looks awesome but this time was quite sore. Tatoos are not for the faint hearted, but if you have given birth naturally then you will cope!

I am feeling completely exhausted. I feel like I am doing Christmas alone this year- well I am since Andre is not coming to Jhb. But my kids are just not into coming shopping and helping choose gifts for their cousins, its been quite disappointing actually and lonely, but maybe it has something to do with the mood swings I have been having lately. Seriously people I think I am stressed because the slightest thing sets me off. Truth is I am sick of being at the heart of my family's critisicm. It does not matter what I do I am always wrong. I am working so fricken hard to provide financially but it is never enough....I am working on losing weight and the other day Andre says you will never get back the body you once had...lovely encouragement.

I think this idea of island living is becoming appealing to me maybe I will just have to make it a metaphorical island and pretend each day that I am living there already and make that my happy place.

I have told my kids they no longer have to do their chores I am so sick of nagging and making it seem like I am a slave driver. So I told them I am no longer giving pocket money and so they no longer have to do their mininal chores. I have such great kids but lately they seem so self absorbed. Now my family would say that about me but no one helps to make the garden pretty they place where they have to enjoy summer. The wind does not help my mood either, and neither does the arthritic pain. I think when your body constantly aches sometimes it sets off hectic emotions in a person. I understand that scripture now where Paul says "I do the things I dont want to do and I don't do things I want to do - something like that, its like this constant war withinside oneself.