Monday, January 10, 2011

10 January 2010

The nostalgia of Christmas still lingers and the idea of being permanently on holiday feels like a good idea, but it is the 10th of January and school goes back next week. So time to get organised.

My daughter starts university in a month. She was accepted with a full bursary at UFS but we are still holding out for the UCT bursary, She did so well and I just feel that she did Xhosa for a reason. 5 years of struggling with this difficult language and now sending her to the Free State would be linguistical suicide. So peeps please continue to have faith with me that UCT will find her a place in res and then she can complete her studies here. She got 91% for Maths how insane is that!!!Gosh I am so proud of her. I went to UCT Friday and tried to fight her case. Seriously does the commerce department really want to lose this brain to the University of the Free State? Lets hope and pray that my words did not fall on deaf ears. Truth is she is only 17 and I am not yet ready to lose my baby, I have come to terms with the fact that the burary requires her to stay in residence but having her in one up the road is far less painful to cope with.

Jason is off to Camp Rev today and I am sure it wil be fantastic. This is quite a significant week for me. On Wednesday I finally have my appointment with the rheumatologist. Watch this space for results.... if you rememeber when I was so ill last year one of the discoveries was an exceptoinally high rheumatoid count so I was supposed to see the rheumatologist but my savings ran out and I could not face another specialists bill so I delayed it by 3 months so my new year financial medical aid savings could kick in.

I have been continuing with physiotherapy for this freaky left side of my body and it is definitely paying off. Its very painful everytime I go but I am definitely feeling an improvement.

Anyhow its once again time to finish my month end so let me not procratinate anymore... have a fantastic day everyone and if you are in Cape Town take advantage of our long beautiful days and get out there and hike or climb a mountain. Or just enjoy our beautiful beaches!!!!!


  1. Hi Debs - Nice to see you back in action!
    Congrats on Ashleigh's results - that is amazing! No wonder you're so proud.
    I hope things go well tomorrow - and the the specialist can really help you.
    You have been super brave about all this.

  2. Hey there!

    Ja, congrats on the results! And lekker to read all the posts that I have missed!
    HOw are you feeling?

  3. Congrats to your daughter Debs. Mine did well too and Stellenbosch here we come...I think. May this be a much healthier year for you dear lady!