Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26 January 2011

Today has been one crazy day, am so looking forward to tomorrow - taking the day off with Ashleigh. We are going to exercise together then enjoy breakfast at Voila! and then shop till we drop at Canal Walk.

Joined the Beth Moore biblestudy at Commonground. Its going to be awesome, we are doing The Patriachs so lots of Jewish history. Am so looking forward to this.

So The Closer series is interesting, What does it really mean to be graphted to the Vine, to not bear fruit? When a plant is dying the best way to save it is to cut off the branches near the root and with lots of water and nurturing it will grow and reproduce life again. Are we like that? What is the metaphor of John 15? What was Jesus really saying? If we are not bearing fruit does He cut us off and throw us away? How then do we stay graphted in attached to our life source?

This is not such an easy question to answer, I am still mulling through it in my head. There are so many times I dont bear fruit, does He throw me away like this passage suggests. I don't think so. How do I stay connected graphted in ~ well I know spending time with Him helps not just a daily devotion but time in deep communion and walking everyday aware that I am part of something greater than myself. Taking the metaphor further and making sure that the roots are going deep and are firmly planted going deeper and wider. A beautiful tree has a deep and strong root system. It needs watering, food love air.

'The Giddy Tree' by David Hart

Giddy tree, oh giddy tree
You tickle my funny bones
You see

Your branches swirl and twirl
And you look all gnarled and
Ready to unfurl

You creak and swing with
In a sweet swirling and
Affectionate breeze

Feisty tree, oh feisty tree
Butterflies dance
And fall in a frenzy
At your knees

Silly tree, oh silly tree
Ladybugs sunbath and linger
Giddy on your leaves

Limber tree, oh limber tree
You give and you live
A delight to the
and always you please

Dreamy tree, oh dreamy tree
Love birds surround you
and like adventurous ships sailing on
Sprite and dazzling seas

Charming tree, oh charming tree
Little children squeal and tickle
and swing on your arms in
the breeze oh so fickle

Mysterious tree, oh mysterious tree
The sparrows adore you
The squirrels they implore you
The owls ever asking you,
Who, who, who
The stars with certainty
Know you are no fool

You are a funny and twisty and
dreamy and mysterious and
wonderful and charming
tree, you.

David Hart

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  1. Have a lovely day with Ash tomorrow - shop till you drop! I know you will enjoy the Patriarchs, sounds like a great study.

    Nice poem btw!