Sunday, January 2, 2011

2nd January 2011

Welcome 2011 I am so pleased 2010 is behind us. I am so excited for this year ahead. "For I Know the plans I have for you says the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. plans for a future and a hope."

Almost Jesse's 13th birthday. Gosh 3 teenagers ~ I think life may get more interesting. Just 4 days and we will have Ashleigh's matric results, Jason is off to Camp Rev and well back to routine from Monday.

Johannesburg "holiday" was awesome. I say holidy in brackets because I never really took a complete break I had Kuzina queries everyday except Christmas as I switched off my phone. I kind of had no choice my daughter made me tis beautiful card that had a picture of Christmas and then next to it my laptop with a big red cross through it. I took the hint and never turned my laptop on either. It was a wonderful day but I will never do it wiwithout Andre again. Even though I was surrounded by all of my family I fefelt a tinge of loneliness. I was kind of hoping he would just arrive as a surprize.

This is a picture of the kids waiting for the Gautrain, what an amazing train.


Linda Johnson wrote this poem and this is my prayer too for 2011

By Linda Lowe Johnson

So, how will it be for me?
Will I do things I have never done before?
Will I say "No" to things I could say "Yes" to?
Will it get old or will it stay new?

Will I keep shedding my old skin?
Will I keep growing and changing as the days go by..
Each day a happier and kinder person?
Will I use each day to it's utmost,
Or will I let days go to waste on meaningless things..

Will I number my days and live wisely and strategically?
Will 2011 fly by in dreams, fantasies and good intentions,
Or will I put action and movement to my well thought out plans
To change my world..

I want to live, I want to give,
I want to be a miner for gold* in the people I meet
I want something to move and adjust in them when I speak
Let me look intently into their eyes and hearts
So I can bring growth and change.

I don't want to be lazy or selfish in my loving.
I want life to spring up in those who have died a thousand deaths
In their world of pain and harshness.

Let me be a pillow. A comfy bed. A cuddly blanket.
A water bottle. Water. Food. Shelter.

Let my words be few.
May my actions speak louder than words
Quick to listen and do and slow to speak

When my hand moves to touch,
Let not my mind hold it back.

When my eyes need to see,
Let not my eyelids close.

When my tongue is ready with a loving word,
Let not my mouth hold it in.

May there be unity in my body, mind and spirit;
Every part of me moving together
To show unconditional love and kindness
To those who can never repay me.

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