Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My friend Debbie Mitchell lost her son to Testicular Cancer on the 27th of April this year. Freedom Day will forever have a new meaning for Debbie and her family. Darren as you can see was a beautiful handsome boy with his whole life ahead of him. He has recently qualified as a helicopter pilot. He was young gifted loved by so many, but mostly his mother. Darren was her world for the last three years in particular as she stood by him and encouraged him to fight the good fight of the end Death took him Life seems so unfair at times like this, we question God we question our faith. As believers and followers of Jesus we don't question the fact that He is Sovereign, He gives and He takes away. We know that in our heads, He is the Giver of Life, He is Sovereign but when we loose someone with the potential for so much to offer life cut down in his prime, taken from his family who have stood by him, loved him and encouraged him to believe God for his healing it is difficult for us to make peace in our hearts. The natural course of life is for a child to bury his parents not for a mother to bury her child. So how can we try and find some sense in this ..... I think of Mary the mother of Jesus, she had watched her son growing becoming a man, at 12 he had baffled the Rabbi's in the synagogue, then after his baptism for three years he healed people challenged political and religious leaders, form friendships with 12 close men teaching them everything about the Kingdom of God. The one night a friend betrays him and he faces certain death. Even in the garden of Gethsemane he calls out to his Father, "Please if there is any other way" The next day he is brought before Pilot and judgement is passed. He will die. Quietly without even being able to say goodbye to his mother the one who had birthed Him, raised Him knowing He was not hers to own, watches as He is forced to carry the cross where He is to die. She meets him along the way desperately trying to catch His eye desperate she organises Joseph of Aramethea to carry the cross, right to the end she was trying to save Him. But His death was imminent. He had to die He had a mission and it was His love for us that held to the cross. Not the nails. He was born to die. Death on a cross to bridge the great divide between man and God. He cried "It is finished" That was is history changed forever. Man given the choice. We can choose life or death. If we choose life in Christ we choose life, if we choose to walk away from God's plan for salvation of mankind we choose death. Darren chose life, and today we rest assured in the knowledge that He walks with His Saviour, free from cancer, free from pain, alive and dancing on God's great dance floor. One day we will join him...if we have chosen life. Jesus had said to His mother go and find my brothers and sisters.It seemed harsh but he knew what lay ahead and because HE was fully God and Fully man He knew that Mary would need the comfort of those around her. Love and support from friends who truly cared. Spending time with Debi and her lovely family was truly a blessing for me. I got to know the beautiful Kimberley who kept telling me I was weird, I would tell her she was weirder and we would laugh until our bellies ached. What a gift from God she was and still is. The future which God had forseen .... the purpose and love of a little girl with wisdom beyond ours
Thank you for an amazing week Kimmy I learnt so much from you I cannot wait till you come and visit and rock our world in Cape Town. Farewell Darren until we meet the Sweet By & By until then .....Find your wings and Fly!