Monday, May 23, 2011

12 May 2011 Monte Carlo

What an incredible city. We headed off to find the train station and hopped on a train to Nice. It was a pleasant journey, we arrived in Nice not sure what to do and just decided to head down the main road. We had not researched this town so we just ambled along. Andre was not overly impressed, but I enjoyed the quaint little streets although it was not very clean in comparison to Monte Carlo. It is a very French little town with also beautiful cathedrals, I entered a church in the middle of town and a service was in progression. With my Catholic history I loved looking at all the old churches. After about two hours wandering aimlessly we decided to head back to Monte Carlo. Luckily Andre checked the train we hopped on because we were on the wrong one on our way to Paris and not back to Monte Carlo - so he would have won this time on the amazing race!

We headed back to the yacht for lunch as we were both famished. We walked the Grand Prix route my husband was in heaven. We hopped on the open top tour bus and saw all the sights of Monte Carlo the Casino the gardens the Grimaldi palace the Oceanarium, it was a very informative trip about an hour long, we hopped off at the palace to take some photos of the city and to purchase some gifts. We hopped on again and then decided to get off and take some photos and relax in the gardens. and then proceeded to walk more of the Grand Prix route. It was simply beautiful. Walked through a very expensive shopping centre,then walked more the Grand Prix circuit. Lots of expensive cars around every corner. Andre continued to walk I decide my legs had had enough and so hopped back on the bus and did the entire trip again just so I could get off right at the Port. I decided this time round to listen to the tour in French since it was my third time. It was fun I felt cultured!

After dinner we were exhausted from the days walking and after a brief stay in the lounge and one dance we headed off to bed. An incredible day and unbelievably beautiful city

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 4 St Tropez

Woke up at about 7am showered dressed and headed off to breakfast. Since I had been choosing healthy breakfasts the entire week I decided that since I am now in France it only makes sense tio have The French Toast & cinnamon with tons of crispy bacon for breakfast. Besides I was about to walk the entire city of St Tropez!

After a delicious breakfast with views of the Old St Tropez, Andre and I headed to deck 2 where we waited for the tender to take us to shore. This was one of the two ports where we would drop anchor and not dock as the Port did not have such a large docking space.
We walked through the old ST Tropez first it was so clean, beautiful and quaint. Nothing shappy about this town. Shops everywhere, little boutiques down every alley. Stunning artwork. Lots of expensive cafes. We managed to find the old cahetderal with relative eaze but first came across the Municipal Childrens library. Both Andre and I used the internet for an unlimited time for only 5 euro since there were no children wanting to use it we were lucky. Checked our mail update my blog and Andre was trying to sort out his passport issues so that when we arrive back there would be no more problems.

No Amazing Race problems here we just loved it, but then again we were not making use of public transport! Found a cool Tshirt for Jason and a birthday present for my niece Micaela.. We tendered back to the ship as I had a huge headache. Had some lunch and then went to lie down. I awoke at 3.30 and I headed to find Andy at the sports deck. On days we anchor they open the back of the yacht and then you can windsurf, waterski paddleski etc. I went in the speedboat, and it was yachts and yachts of fun( to coin the captains speach).

Then headed up to the deck to enjoy the hot tub with Andy swam in the pool and then dozed again on the deck chair, openin gmy eyes ocassionally to take in the sights of St Tropez and all the incredible rich yachts around.

Then headed back to our cabin to doze again when I woke I got dressed had dinner and was now ready to hit the St Tropez night life. Picture of my new found friend me and Lisa on the tender We have children almost the same age and decided our next trip on The Windsurf will be with our families!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 3 10 May Day at Sea

Awoke at 6.45 had some room service in bed and then went back to sleep again and woke about 8.30. Then headed up to breakfast. Today we can do nothing but RELAX a day at sea. After breakfast I sat at the Yacht club and diligently did my Beth Moore "Patriachs Bible Study " home work. Then at 11 headed off to the gym to listen ti a talk on how to maintain a flat stomach and discovered that that band around my waiste is called TOXIC WATER not fat. I need to get rid of the toxins and I will see the band of fat melt away - oh well that will have to be next week because this week I aint thinking about diet! Then heaeded off to sit in the hot tub swam a bit in the pooland then headed to my cabin to dose. When I awoke took a shower and headed up to lunch. OMG Had the most amazing strawberry cheesecake. Bake to my cabin to sleep off my lunch. At about 3pm Andy and I headed to the bow of the ship to have the famous Titanic pose photos taken
Spent time chatting to the captain who you can see in my top photo. He is only 32 years old. A british dude Cpt Alan MacEyre I think thats how you spell it - quite a catch for some young lady. He will sure take her places!

Then headed back to the Yacht club and ended up chatiing to Lisa for about an hour. Lovely learning about other people and their families. We then headed off to the lounge to learn about St Tropez and what our next port tomorrow would hold for us. Went off to change for dinner had dinner at Degrees Restaurant which became our favourite dinner place to eat.

Finished the night relaxing and dancing in the lounge and then headed for bed!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Palma De Majorca

Woke at around 6am and saw the most stunning views of the island as we arrived. We finally docked by 8am. Having finished breakfast which I must add was delicious and a lot of food, we headed towards the city in search of the train to Soller. After trying unsuccessfully to get directions from the locals we finally managed to establish that we must take bus no 15 which will drop us at the station. A ten minute ride for 1.50 euros each. We the found the little train which is 100 years old and bought 2 return tickets.

What a spectacular journey we arrived at Soller about an hour and a half later to the sound of bombs and gun shots. The town was celebrating the age old war between the Turks and the Christians which almost 450 yeasrs ago to the day had been won by the Christians. It was so festive with market stalls and towns folk all dressed up and happy children laughing in the streets as they threw their bomettes and scared the life out of us. I jumped a couple of times. Purchased three amazing bags for 10 euro each - leather another bargain- for Ashleigh Nicky and I. At 12 noon they shot gun fire salutes on the steps of the church. It was an awesome experience

We then hopped back on the train and headed back to the city.After the 1 and a half hour train journeywhich was very relaxing and filled with picturesque landscape we were once again unsure what bus would take us back to Port.Andre and I should definitely not attempt the Amazing Race. Anyway not too difficult we were informed to take bus No1. Of course Andre had to go back and double check and again we almost missed the correct bus. It took us right back to the Port. Well it would have if Andre had listened to the woman who helped us. But of course he did not and we ended up getting off 1 stop to soon and had to walk 10 minutes to the Port. We watched the bus drive right past us - it was hilarious - NOT!!!

We boarded the Windsurf and headed straight for lunch. Once again an amazing spread which did not disappoint. We ate our full and headed off to have a nap. Andre fell asleep and I dozed but was bothered by my dear heart snoring loudly next to me so I decided to head off to the gym on the Star Deck. Spent 15 minutes on the treadmill admiring Majorcaand the harbour with back to back yachts. Did some Pilatesthen headed down to shower and get dressed up to meet the important crew that run the ship and had coctails and drinks in the lounge.

At 8pm we headed to The Compass Rose Room which is on the Star deck to a Seafood Restaurant. It was still beautiful the sun still not set. We enjoyed a feast of seafood and then watched as the sun set on the Mediteranean.

After dinner we headed to the lounge for more dancing and a bit of gambling. At midnight we decided to retire to our cabin for some R & R Rest and Romance!

Europe Trip Day 1 (7 May 2011)

Drama at O R Tambo with Andre's passport- we almost missed our flight to Zurich I had zero time to duty free shop and as I board I am so mad that I tell Andre that he owes me some duty free perfume for all the stress that has just happened. Poor guy it was harder for him than me. Some case in 1995 where he was supposed to be a witness in Springs - Lord have mercy we had moved to Cape town and clearly this one fell through the cracks of the court system. Anyhow they let us go and said we would have to sort it out on our arrival back.

Flight to Zurich was quite cramped watched two movies dozing in between. Yummy Swiss chocolates. Once we landed we had 1 and a half hours to board our next flight to Barcelona. It was an easy transfer - Flight to Barcelona was comfortable and the Swiss Alps were stunning so glad I had a window seat.

We transfered by coach from a stunning Barcelona Airport which was colourful and so spacious. Arrived at the port at about 9am and after checking our luggage we left to hit the La Ramblas.
What a colourful and vibrant city. Amazing architecture, the statue people were unbelieveable. We bought souvoniers for Ashleigh Jason and Jesse, after much bargaining. Fed the birds at the fountains and then headed back towards the Port our feet aching feeling exhausted and happy to check into our cabin.

Ship is more amazing than we had imagined.I am so impressed with the attention to detail, the personal and friendliness of the staff. We slept until it was time to sail and then went up to the main deck to watch the sails go up to majestic music it was such fun.

Then we went to have some free spa treatments and then it was off to dinner where we met Gary and Daphna from Woodmead. Nice fun Jewish couple getting married in November who shared about all their difficulties in planning a Kosher wedding.

After dinner it was off to the lounge where we danced and listened to the band. I tried my luck at the casino and finally at mid night we headed off to bed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11 May 2011

So we have done Barcelona, Parlma de Majorca our day at sea which was so relaxing i lost all track of time and day. Currently at the local childrens library in St Tropez. Our ship anchored and then we hopped on a little ferry boat to get to shore. The old town is very beautiful and clean shop owners wipe the window sills there is not a speck of dust. This is my kind of town, so clean I could live here. The locals dress up to have coffee nothing shabby in this town. The weather is magnificent. Andre and I are about to set off to find the Old Cathederal will later ferry back to the boat for lunch and some watersports and then will ferry back to experience the night life of St Tropez. Havent managed to hook up with Brad and Angelina yet they are probably still sleeping.

Friday, May 6, 2011

6 May 2011 - 19 Hours

All Packed and ready to go

6 May 2011

So I can finally say we are leaving tomorrow. Last night we had a dinner with our close circle of friends. Nicky and avril and Clarissa and Randal. It was so special and we were given a good bag send off complete with a Mens health mag for Andre and an Oprah Mag for me. Lots of nice pamper goodies and in our true friendship style causing many laughs it came with two condoms!!!

Andre and I are very excited. We feel incredibly spoilt by this and are really grateful to God for this awesome blessing. I will try to update my blog everyday so those of you who are keen to come along and experience the journey with us just follow my blog and come and enjoy the tastes and smells and sights of the Mediterranean. See you Barcelona ~ Ole!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4 May 2011

So 3 more sleeps and Andy and I will be jetting off to Switzerland and then whisked to Bracelona to board the Windsurf. Our long awaited trip is just 72 hours away. In true Debbie style I am almost 100% packed just the last few things to chuck together, tomorrow I need to purchase some Euros...urgh the exchange rate is sad!!!!

It all feels quite surreal today I got rid of any sign of silver hair thanks to my stylist Nicky Edwards - you are the best friend ever( Nix that fleeting moment where I thought I would just leave the grey) was just that a fleeting moment. I love the way it turned out. Now just need to do my feet and nails and I will feel completely ready for my 2nd honey moon!!!

Just got to finish my April month end tomorrow and wrap up some outstanding legal work and I will be fully in holiday mode!

So without further adieu its off to work I go, Good night and will blog again when I only have 24hrs to go!!!! Oh my word I cant even think it without getting the hugest grin on my face

Monday, May 2, 2011

2nd May 2011

5 days before we embark on our trip. Difficult to describe how I feel. There is alot to be accomplished this week before I can breathe a sigh of relief and say Bon Voyage!!

I do feel incredibly happy though there is a lightness of step in my spirit. I look back on 20 years with Andre and am so grateful of the place we find ourselves at now. We have worked hard to give our kids the best education that we could afford them and we have worked hard through many times of adversity.

I am grateful for friends like Nicky and Avril who will be looking after my boys and keeping an eye on Ashleigh at varsity. I feel that I will get on the plane and not have to be worried at all. I mean I don't even feel guilty about being in Portifino on Jasons birthday because I know Avs and Nix will make it so awesome for him.

Being in community has amazing advantages, we have Carey house sitting for us and on Jason B day Garret will be looking after Jason and 9 friends as they have a sleep over and breakfast on the night of his birthday.

I guess before we know it the long awaited trip will be over but for now I am not thinking about that. I look forward to going and creating some awesome memories with Andre and hoping that this trip will be the first of many as the travel bug bites my husband.

The next one I am already planning in my heart and it will include our kids... but for now lets focus on this one!

When we get back I will arrange a soup and rolls evening for those of you who are keen to watch and come check out the pages I will have scrapped!!!

So this is just two pictures of La ramblas in Barcelona our first stop !!!!