Monday, May 2, 2011

2nd May 2011

5 days before we embark on our trip. Difficult to describe how I feel. There is alot to be accomplished this week before I can breathe a sigh of relief and say Bon Voyage!!

I do feel incredibly happy though there is a lightness of step in my spirit. I look back on 20 years with Andre and am so grateful of the place we find ourselves at now. We have worked hard to give our kids the best education that we could afford them and we have worked hard through many times of adversity.

I am grateful for friends like Nicky and Avril who will be looking after my boys and keeping an eye on Ashleigh at varsity. I feel that I will get on the plane and not have to be worried at all. I mean I don't even feel guilty about being in Portifino on Jasons birthday because I know Avs and Nix will make it so awesome for him.

Being in community has amazing advantages, we have Carey house sitting for us and on Jason B day Garret will be looking after Jason and 9 friends as they have a sleep over and breakfast on the night of his birthday.

I guess before we know it the long awaited trip will be over but for now I am not thinking about that. I look forward to going and creating some awesome memories with Andre and hoping that this trip will be the first of many as the travel bug bites my husband.

The next one I am already planning in my heart and it will include our kids... but for now lets focus on this one!

When we get back I will arrange a soup and rolls evening for those of you who are keen to watch and come check out the pages I will have scrapped!!!

So this is just two pictures of La ramblas in Barcelona our first stop !!!!

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