Thursday, May 19, 2011

Europe Trip Day 1 (7 May 2011)

Drama at O R Tambo with Andre's passport- we almost missed our flight to Zurich I had zero time to duty free shop and as I board I am so mad that I tell Andre that he owes me some duty free perfume for all the stress that has just happened. Poor guy it was harder for him than me. Some case in 1995 where he was supposed to be a witness in Springs - Lord have mercy we had moved to Cape town and clearly this one fell through the cracks of the court system. Anyhow they let us go and said we would have to sort it out on our arrival back.

Flight to Zurich was quite cramped watched two movies dozing in between. Yummy Swiss chocolates. Once we landed we had 1 and a half hours to board our next flight to Barcelona. It was an easy transfer - Flight to Barcelona was comfortable and the Swiss Alps were stunning so glad I had a window seat.

We transfered by coach from a stunning Barcelona Airport which was colourful and so spacious. Arrived at the port at about 9am and after checking our luggage we left to hit the La Ramblas.
What a colourful and vibrant city. Amazing architecture, the statue people were unbelieveable. We bought souvoniers for Ashleigh Jason and Jesse, after much bargaining. Fed the birds at the fountains and then headed back towards the Port our feet aching feeling exhausted and happy to check into our cabin.

Ship is more amazing than we had imagined.I am so impressed with the attention to detail, the personal and friendliness of the staff. We slept until it was time to sail and then went up to the main deck to watch the sails go up to majestic music it was such fun.

Then we went to have some free spa treatments and then it was off to dinner where we met Gary and Daphna from Woodmead. Nice fun Jewish couple getting married in November who shared about all their difficulties in planning a Kosher wedding.

After dinner it was off to the lounge where we danced and listened to the band. I tried my luck at the casino and finally at mid night we headed off to bed.

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  1. Your cabin looks so comfortable and inviting! One of the great things about travelling is also the people you meet... awesome.