Thursday, May 19, 2011

Palma De Majorca

Woke at around 6am and saw the most stunning views of the island as we arrived. We finally docked by 8am. Having finished breakfast which I must add was delicious and a lot of food, we headed towards the city in search of the train to Soller. After trying unsuccessfully to get directions from the locals we finally managed to establish that we must take bus no 15 which will drop us at the station. A ten minute ride for 1.50 euros each. We the found the little train which is 100 years old and bought 2 return tickets.

What a spectacular journey we arrived at Soller about an hour and a half later to the sound of bombs and gun shots. The town was celebrating the age old war between the Turks and the Christians which almost 450 yeasrs ago to the day had been won by the Christians. It was so festive with market stalls and towns folk all dressed up and happy children laughing in the streets as they threw their bomettes and scared the life out of us. I jumped a couple of times. Purchased three amazing bags for 10 euro each - leather another bargain- for Ashleigh Nicky and I. At 12 noon they shot gun fire salutes on the steps of the church. It was an awesome experience

We then hopped back on the train and headed back to the city.After the 1 and a half hour train journeywhich was very relaxing and filled with picturesque landscape we were once again unsure what bus would take us back to Port.Andre and I should definitely not attempt the Amazing Race. Anyway not too difficult we were informed to take bus No1. Of course Andre had to go back and double check and again we almost missed the correct bus. It took us right back to the Port. Well it would have if Andre had listened to the woman who helped us. But of course he did not and we ended up getting off 1 stop to soon and had to walk 10 minutes to the Port. We watched the bus drive right past us - it was hilarious - NOT!!!

We boarded the Windsurf and headed straight for lunch. Once again an amazing spread which did not disappoint. We ate our full and headed off to have a nap. Andre fell asleep and I dozed but was bothered by my dear heart snoring loudly next to me so I decided to head off to the gym on the Star Deck. Spent 15 minutes on the treadmill admiring Majorcaand the harbour with back to back yachts. Did some Pilatesthen headed down to shower and get dressed up to meet the important crew that run the ship and had coctails and drinks in the lounge.

At 8pm we headed to The Compass Rose Room which is on the Star deck to a Seafood Restaurant. It was still beautiful the sun still not set. We enjoyed a feast of seafood and then watched as the sun set on the Mediteranean.

After dinner we headed to the lounge for more dancing and a bit of gambling. At midnight we decided to retire to our cabin for some R & R Rest and Romance!

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  1. What a cool day to arrive on - catching all the cultural festivities! How lucky you were. Sounds like a great time. Welcome home!!