Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 4 St Tropez

Woke up at about 7am showered dressed and headed off to breakfast. Since I had been choosing healthy breakfasts the entire week I decided that since I am now in France it only makes sense tio have The French Toast & cinnamon with tons of crispy bacon for breakfast. Besides I was about to walk the entire city of St Tropez!

After a delicious breakfast with views of the Old St Tropez, Andre and I headed to deck 2 where we waited for the tender to take us to shore. This was one of the two ports where we would drop anchor and not dock as the Port did not have such a large docking space.
We walked through the old ST Tropez first it was so clean, beautiful and quaint. Nothing shappy about this town. Shops everywhere, little boutiques down every alley. Stunning artwork. Lots of expensive cafes. We managed to find the old cahetderal with relative eaze but first came across the Municipal Childrens library. Both Andre and I used the internet for an unlimited time for only 5 euro since there were no children wanting to use it we were lucky. Checked our mail update my blog and Andre was trying to sort out his passport issues so that when we arrive back there would be no more problems.

No Amazing Race problems here we just loved it, but then again we were not making use of public transport! Found a cool Tshirt for Jason and a birthday present for my niece Micaela.. We tendered back to the ship as I had a huge headache. Had some lunch and then went to lie down. I awoke at 3.30 and I headed to find Andy at the sports deck. On days we anchor they open the back of the yacht and then you can windsurf, waterski paddleski etc. I went in the speedboat, and it was yachts and yachts of fun( to coin the captains speach).

Then headed up to the deck to enjoy the hot tub with Andy swam in the pool and then dozed again on the deck chair, openin gmy eyes ocassionally to take in the sights of St Tropez and all the incredible rich yachts around.

Then headed back to our cabin to doze again when I woke I got dressed had dinner and was now ready to hit the St Tropez night life. Picture of my new found friend me and Lisa on the tender We have children almost the same age and decided our next trip on The Windsurf will be with our families!


  1. Sounds fabulous!! Love the photo's and your description of the old town. They are so quaint!