Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The end of an Era

Friday the 7th of February was a significant day for me. It was the end of my time as an Administrator for Silikamva High School.It was for me a day of very mixed emotions. Mr Duffett had some really kind thing to say and I felt completely honoured by the staff and especially the children. It was a send of I really did not expect. It made leaving even more difficult, the children especially gave me so much love. They held an assembly where they sang to me which had me compeletely undone, even as I write the tears are streaming down my face as I think about all the love shared.
But amidst all the tears it was an excellent day. The end to an era. Two years which has forever changed my life. Besides the children, the thing I will miss the most is working with Gus. The man is an extraordinary visionary and everyday even when he drove a hard bargain I loved working for him. He always inspired me to give more of myself, to always push through an strive for excellence, I miss that immensely, but will take it with me into my new job. It is not the end of my journey with these children though, I have joined Commonground Pm congregation and have signed up for the literacy programme on a Saturday to work along side the kids as well as the Grade 10 & 11 mentors. I look forward to that. I have also committed to praying for Silikamva and helping to raise the much needed finance that a No fee Government school requires. So I will take on a different role. Moving to my new environment has freed me up quite a lot and I will be pursuing my studies once again. It will take me a good few years (3 at least) to finish my BA Psychology. I intend to one day go back in a different capacity. I am so grateful to have had this amazing two years past to have served at this beautiful school. I am also grateful that the Lord brought someone to replace me that also has a deep love for the children and I have no doubt that in time she to will leave her own mark.