Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11 May 2011

So we have done Barcelona, Parlma de Majorca our day at sea which was so relaxing i lost all track of time and day. Currently at the local childrens library in St Tropez. Our ship anchored and then we hopped on a little ferry boat to get to shore. The old town is very beautiful and clean shop owners wipe the window sills there is not a speck of dust. This is my kind of town, so clean I could live here. The locals dress up to have coffee nothing shabby in this town. The weather is magnificent. Andre and I are about to set off to find the Old Cathederal will later ferry back to the boat for lunch and some watersports and then will ferry back to experience the night life of St Tropez. Havent managed to hook up with Brad and Angelina yet they are probably still sleeping.


  1. Forget Brad and Angie... look for Jonny Depp woman! Sounds fabulous! xx

  2. Gosh debs - you're actually ON this dream trip!
    Hard to believe - like a "pinch me" scenario hey?

    Thanks for sharing snippets of your experiences with us