Sunday, September 26, 2010

26 September

So I spent last week in hospital, came out on Thursday. It was a good week and although we have no concrete answers things are definitely clearer.
I need to see a Pulmonologist going to make an appointment tomorrow with Peter Chapman,( black spot on my left lung and report says hyperinflated lungs??? then also going to see a rheumatologist on friday a dr Borat. My rheumatoid factor is 147 whatever that means.
All I know is that my pain is definitely better managed, I am on some strong drugs but at least they are working and with pain better managed I am definitely coping much better.

Never google random medical facts it will scare you I will choose to wait for the Doctors report and well depending on what they say i think I might choose to believe the Lord's report. All I know is that my gos will not give me anything that I cannot handle. and whatever the report He will give me the grace to walk with dignity and peace.

Still no feeling in my 3 left toes, still battling with the breathelessness and tingling in my arm and legs. Still coughing but sleeping is better I go now for longer than 4 hours which has been very healing. Am looking forward to finishing up at wakame and focusing on Kuzina and building my Paralegal business, going back to study at Unisa next year....kenako the time is now here to finish my llb once and for all!!!!

3 days to my birthday .... so excited those who know me will know that i love birthdays!!!!

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