Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15 September

So saw Dr Tucker what an interesting man, and very funny too. Man he made me do some crazy things, bottom line I have a dysfunctional left side, he is very pleased i resigned from Wkame and proceeded to ask me so which of the other jobs I am going to leave so io can actually rest and heal, I burst out laughing and asked if he is going to make up the shortfall in salary? Any way not n=much to tell till Monday as I have a follow up appointment with a sh%t load more tests to do ..... Lord have mercy. Any how moving on....

n my way to the car which took me like 20 minutes to get to because I am really slow at walking this elderly gentleman asked if I was okay and if I needed his help I siad I am fine just feeling tired as I had to perform these really exhausting tests at the doc, well he offered to carry my laptop to my car as he was waiting for his wife, I was quite taken a back by his chivilary and good manners, what a gentleman. He is 86 any hows we got chatting, yes I know what you are thinking so stop right there.....because you are wrong.

You see normally I would just say I am fine thanks and move on swiftly rush to my car and fly home. But I really did need help my laptop was heavy to carry and I was feeling exhausted so I was walking really slow like a 90 year old and well his offer to help was so genuine that I let him help me. Turns out he is a retired minister and he an his wife started Valley Christian church when he retired from the bank 20 yrs ago up in JHB
Man I couldnt believe how God orchestrates our lives - there in the car park he and his wife prayed for me and told me to continue to walk in faith for my complete healing.

SO pretty amazing hey!!!!

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