Monday, September 6, 2010

6 September 2010

Ok so I tried to make the Tai Chi Class at 6am ... even though I was up at 4 , I only made it to the gym by 6.30am. There were lunches to be made, laundry to be sorted and well you know if your char is coming you have to clean so she can clean...sounds crazy I know.

I mananged 16 minutes on the treadmill today 2 of thse were running whoop whoop!!!.

Off to the physio at 8 then to deliver some summons to my one clients debtors, oh yes and on the way I must drop my sputum off at Diep River Clinic( sounds gross hey) but what an amazing experience last week when I went to the clinic. So efficient and free!!! My little stay at Claremont life  which was horrendous cost close to 8 thousand thast excluded the neurologist physcian and MRI!!!! Then off to Wakame and later this afrvy a meeting at Kuzina.

Anyhow so they cant get the pump that is supposed to help me breathe better, yip not available in the country, Needless to say although she is probably going to beat me to a pulp my body is aching and I am quite looking forward to the physio, I dont think I would get through the morning if i didnt see her.

IF it is not TB then the clinic will refer me to a state pulmonologist - free again ( my Medical Aid savings were used up with one blood test (R1789) and still waiting for that Private guy to phone me. He was the one who wanted to put me on tranquilizers and sleeping tablets sad really that his consult cost me R1500 and then he went overseas - oh his back but still no phone call!!I am thinking of not paying him- waht do you think>?

I went to cancel my follow up which was supposed to be today explained to his receptionist that I had been hospitalised and wandered when he was going to phone me with my very expensive  results!!! Asshole

Anyhow if its not TB then well they are also sending me to an ongologist.....horrors - never thought I would use that word in my lifetime. Maybe there was a reason I watched My sisters keeper 6 times when I took a days leave.

Well lets move on then .....Dont you love September definitely the best month ....and my birthday in just 23 days...and this morning I found out we are going to PE for the cool is my husband he was trying to surprize me again but he went to bed before the children again!!! and his phoned beeped with a message fron Thubi my besti in PE man I am beyond excited.

Let me dash off now need to make myself smell good and look beautiful for the day ahead, Hope you have a manic Monday no make that a Money making monday but just make sure its not BLUE

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  1. Welcome to Blogland Debs!
    I'm sure you'll love it - there are a lot of great people who live here.
    Boy, you sure are putting pressure on yourself with the "daily" thing in your title :-)

    Hope you get to the bottom of your health issues soon - its been a mare for you.