Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15 September

Today feels strange... yesterday I resigned from Wakame. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of my back. Seeing Dr Tucker today for a second opinion, Lord let this be the end of the road for me. It is difficult feeling so aweful all the time and wandering what is going on. I need some answers now, I need to start the healing process or at least know what I am up against. Knowledge is power.

SO now I can really focus on building my legal business sometimes I think we are scared to move out into the unknown. I am under no illusions I have left my comfort zone. I loved Wakame I love the people their Matt &Shez and I we are a great team. We worked well together. I love the sushi chefs and the barman work was a great place to go to everyday and I think when reality sets in I am going to have to work through alot of emotions. I have so much respect for Deon and Greg and they were awesome people to work with. but KENAKO is time.

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