Thursday, June 23, 2011

23 June 2011

I can hardly keep my eyes open but just need to update my blog. I have had such an awesome day. Arrived in PE at 1pm and was met by Hlubi. We then headed home grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed straight to her laundry SpinQueen which is in Centralhill in PE. We got straight to work. Well I did Hlubs went off to quickly get her hair done. This was a good thing as I needed to load Pastel and get busy sorting out the payroll.

We headed home and changed and got ready to go to a Rotary Function. It was really well put together and we had an awesome meal. I met some new friends and heard the new President for this particular club make his inaugaration speech. An amazing Doctor from the Congo who was involved in the very initial stages of HIV in Congo. It was a good evening

Am looking forward to a day of hard work but great achievement tomorrow and then an evening of fun in the friendly city, my beloved Andre's home town. Those who work hard can play hard!

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