Sunday, June 19, 2011

15 May 2011 Roma

We arrived in port at about 7.30 Went off to breakfast.. sniff to today we were disembarking. Good year had organised a mini tour of Rome before we would head back to the airport. We arrived at a port called Civitavechia. We said our goodbyes to friends like Hap and Helen and Lisa and Terry and boarded a luxury coach which would take us to The Colesseum and The Spanish Steps as well as Trevi fountains.

The day was abit overcast, the weather portraying my mood of sadness that this wonderful time was coming to an end. But not before we saw all these amazing sights

Walking around the Colesseum I closed my eyes and imagined what the Gladiators must have sounded like. It is an eerie feeling as you can almost still hear the shouting and chanting of ancient Rome. We headed off to the central plaza and then had two hours to explore. We headed towards the Spanish steps nd then mad our way to the Trevi fountains - i needed to make my wish for my friend Cezanne back home. I had her coin which she asked me to throw in the fountain and make a wish.

And so came the end of our long anticipated holiday to the Mediterranean. We were transferred back to the airport where we had to wait 6 hours before our connecting flight to Zurich. It was very poor planning by the travel agency as we could have spent the entire day touring Rome. It was an exquisite city with history like no other definitely a place we will visit in the future.

We went and spent our last few Euros at the airport I finally had my chance to duty free shop!

And so our blogging comes to an end the memories of this great extravagant blessing etched into my mind forever. Some days I still catch myself smiling thinking of moments Andre and I shared together. And so my journey will continue as I now scrap an album with over 100 phoots I chose to develop out of the 1200 we took. Until our next trip.......

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  1. What a lekker holiday - and you will always have the blog and the scrapbooking to remind you of it. But you are right, until the next trip.... happy dreaming and planning!


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