Tuesday, June 14, 2011

14 May Livorno

Slept late for the very first time only surfaced at about 7. The ship had already docked. Now coming from Portifino to Livorno was a bit shocking. It really is a port town. We had a lekker breakfast and decided to do Pisa.Got a no 1 bus to the station and boarded a train to Pisa. It took about 20minutes to get there and we then decided we would walk to the Leaning tower of Pisa. What a long walk but it was cool to see the shops and architecture.

Finally after about 45minutes of walking their she was in all her glory.

We wandered around enjoying the detailed buildings and admiring this wonder. Bought some momentos and then headed back to the station to head back to Livorno. Decided we would walk back to the port and that our treat at the end would be another Gelato, it was a back breaking hectic walk after enjoying a gelato and aching all over I spent a wonderful afternoon relaxing by the pool and in the hot tubs.

We sailed out of Livorno at 5pm on our last leg of the journey. Tomorrow we would be in Rome and be disembarking. I was so mad at Andre for not coming and standing with me as we sailed out. Anyway went to the Captains farewell and then the Goodyear function and my husband made up with a romantic dinner at Degrees. Went to the lounge and enjoyed our last evening with lots of singing and dancing and loads of fun with the crew performing for us.

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  1. Loved this post - I would love to go to Pisa! Mind you, I would love to go back to anywhere in Italy...! Even for their gelato! :-)


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