Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21 June 2011

So today came the end of a journey with the Beth Moore morning group I attended for the last 5 months studing The Patriachs. It was an incredible journey into the book of Genesis looking at the lives of our forefathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob. We now take a break for the holidays. Listening to the testimonies of all the ladies it was incredible how personal and different the journey has been for so many of us. I was amazed that although we all studied the same material God in His greatness meets each one of us exactly where we are in our journey and speaks to us in unique and individual ways. I love that about my God.

I am also at a crossroads. Needing to make some decisions about work. . .

Some other developments in our lives is that our youngest son Jesse received a 75% scholarship to attend St Josephs, a private high school in Rondebosch. This is for his entire high school years. We are so proud of him and again see the hand of God reaching out and blessing our family. Ashleigh is home for her varsity vacation and how wonderful it is to have some female presence back in our home. Really she has just been mooching and destressing as she anxiously awaits her results. My other son Jason has been involved with Caberet 2011 and has been at school almost all day everyday from 7am - 11pm. And Saturday he leaves for Cape Agulus for a week to run a holiday club along with a team of young people from Commonground.

We are back in the swing of our lives and just feel really content and loving life, even winter in Cape Town, its been a busy term and I am looking forward to the holidays. It will mean I have shorter days as I dont have to hang at work or find arb stuff to do when I am done at work because for 3 weeks I wont have to do the afternoon run. So I anticipate having lots more time to really market my business... my goal by the end of 2011 to have a solid foundation built for Robinhood Legal

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