Thursday, March 24, 2011

24 March 2011

MMMMMMMMMMMM 42 more sleeps. Sorry I am really going to be annoying you all with my count down but I feel like a child on the night before Christmas. We just went to buy our luggage for our trip. The last time we had nice new suit cases it was 21 years ago when we went on honeymoon. Well this is like a 2nd honey moon so humour me over the next 6 weeks.
The windsurf just from a different angle!

Oh people its gonna be a long six weeks.

On a different note I had a fabulous day on Monday back at Fish hoek beach.So many fond memories of my times with the children growing up. We went back to "our rock pool" as the children still call it and saw 5 stunning star fish and so many beautiful sea anenamies. It was stunning wind free day.

The only bummer to the awesome day was that I really hurt my arm again. Anyway I will just continue to plod on with this stupid impingement, exercise and hope it gets stronger!

As you can see my daughter is absent from this family pic below. She chose to go back to res on Sunday as she wanted to work on the public holiday. She is such a gem and I really miss her on outings like this one. Too much testosterone

So glad she will be home for a weeks holiday I am going to cherish her presence back home as I am sure her brothers and her precious rabbit DJ will!!!!!

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