Friday, April 1, 2011

31 March 2011

Meeting with friends you have known for over 20 years always refreshes the soul!!! How awesome it was to fetch my friend Robyn from Cape Town International this afternoon. Good friends are so much like red wine they get better with age.

Robyn and I have a history ..... in our early twenties we were young and wild and free and were not your average young girls ~ we were radicals and were kicked out of Warm baths a very "verkampte town" at the time because we were caught playing cards in the holiday flat we had rented for the weekend with 2 coloured guys(one who is now my husband)our friend Avril and our Indian friend Cecil. We were determined to go to the Wits law Soceity, we were going to take this all the way to the High Court. Determined to stand for what is just. However we were advised against this as it would first need to go to the Magistrate's court in Warmbaths and really at that time we would have stood zero chance of being heard. This however was our first real bonding experience and always makes us laugh but at the time we were outraged could not understand the mentality of the individuals who had abused our friends.

We have changed and grown through the years but essentailly the authenticity of our friendship remains the same.

Robyn is an amazing woman who loves drinking red wine and engaging in deep and valuable conversation. When Rob leaves you know you have been heard.

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  1. In this photo Robyn Hemmens and Nicky Edwards two of my dearest friends or as we like to say "Sistas from anader Mister"