Friday, April 1, 2011

1 April 2011

And so we enter the fourth month of 2011. 36 Days friends and my better half and I head off to 10 days of blissful Mediteranean romping.

Pinch me pinch me pinch me!!!!!!!

I met a guy the other day who gave me details for factory shopping in Milan. SO if we have the time when we are in Portifino I will be making the trip to purchase some goodies. Its good to know that even in Italy one can purchase expensive goods at cost. Actually let me correct myself this is one place where I will make the time....Italian shoes Italian designs at cost....sigh 41 sleeps till I am in Portofino!!!!!! Portofino People....its going to be a feast for the eyes.

For those of us who are privileged to raise offspring I learnt something amazing this week at my Beth Moore group. We are looking at the story of Jacob and Esau. Isaac their father was old and dying and he called for his sons so he could transfer his blessing onto their lives. A lady in our group spoke about how in Jewish tradition it is like a normal everyday thing to speak blessing over your children, she challenged us to try it. When your kids leave for school tell them that you pray their day would be eventful that you send them on their way with your blessing. Pray over them and their lives as they sleep.

I remember when my kids were babies how I used to sing over them beautiful lallabyes proclaiming blessing praying for their future, their spouses one day. What path they will choose.... when Jesse is sick or scared he still calls me to sing these soothing songs which he remembers brought him comfort.

I challenge you who are reading this blog ~ lets go back to ancient ways and speak in hymns and psalms and speak blessing over our children, and our husbands as they venture off to work. Even those who do not have offspring speak life and blessing over people you meet.... I think we could change our lives and our world if we seasoned our words with salt!

Have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY and do not be dooped by April fools jokes!

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  1. Hi Debs - love your header!
    Just been catching up on your posts - very exciting about your trip!

    Tip: If you go to Portifino, do what we saw the locals do - pack your own picnic and you can sit right by the water (in front of the shockingly expensive) restaurants, and enjoy everything from there.
    We had to pay R750 for a small bowl of soup each + a tiny glass of wine.

    We watched the locals and thought to ourselves tyhat if we ever went back there, we'd do what they did.


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