Monday, March 14, 2011

14 March 2011

Gosh I feel like dancing. When I look at this picture it just floods back memories of my life as a 16 year old girl whose hopes and dreams were to be a ballerina. Then in one moment that dream was shattered as I sat in front of my doctor and I remember him saying "Debbie find another dream you will never be able to dance again" It was like my world stopped turning...

I wander how different my life would have been if I hadnt been forced to give up dancing, in the prime of my life I was debilitated by Hepatitis. I picked it up in a restaurant in Cape Town and how ironic that 20 years later while working for another restaurant last year I contracted measles, and once again I made some major life decisions. I had lost the feeling down my entire left side, had to fight through high fevers and excruciating headaches and have been working so hard since August last year to feel like the Debbie I know.

Finally I feel a breakthough shoulder seems to finally be healing and responding to treatment and physically I am feeling so much stronger. Its a groovy place to be.

Its 52 sleeps until Andre & I leave for The Mediteranean I am still needing to pinch myself everyday...when I started the year I said I believe this is the year for the Blignauts I stand amazed the goodness of God.

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  1. Hectic Debs. I am sure you would have been an amazing dancer. Your life will probably have been very different but you also would probably not have the amazing man and family that you have!

    So glad you are feeling better - sure you will be perfect to shred it up when you are on holiday! :) yay!