Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 March 2011

Who would have thought ... March is here. One month end done , one to go Yippee!!!!

Well its been a crappy week. Month end enough said. Greek men with SMS in my life - too many.

Anyhow I have come to the conclusion this morning that no matter how hard you try to be the perfect parent you will always fail. There is no such thing. Children are inherently selfish and self absorbed and until they become parents themselves will never begin to understand how much they are loved and how much they hurt us.

Maybe its just in my household but being a mother sucks in the respect that because you are the one the kids spend 90% of their time with and you end up being the main disciplenarian yet it is always their dad who is the hero in their eyes. Honestly I have spent most my mornings this week crying silent tears wandering what the solution is. I have one kid who thinks I am an idiot another who thinks I know nothing and another who only sees me for being a good cook and clothing provider!

So then why is motherhood so esteemed why do we as woman aspire to this? Are we masochistic? Do we love the feeling of constant rejection? Or is this just what they mean by the teenage years? And of course all these feelings I am having will be blamed on peri- menapause. Ever notices all female problems have the preposition MEN in front of them

MENtal Illness

And yet with all these negative emotions I adore my children, I would give my own life for each one of them. Maybe thats why churches tend to be filled with more woman than men, why women gravitate to mornings of bible study and men to the golf course. Now before I have all you men up in arms this would only create a reaction in you if you belong to the men who have the sms problem!

As I continued the Beth Moore study this week on The Patriachs - I was amazed to see how Abraham responded to God. Imagine God gives you a son in your old age and tells you you will be the father of many nations and then one day He says take your son Isaac and sacrifice him to me. Now why do you think God asked this of Abraham and not Sarah? Did God in His infinite wisdom think to himself ~ seriously I do not feel like dealing with Sarahs hormones and her irrational thinking, or did He reckon well she had done enough sacrificing in her was time to test Abraham mmmmmmm I wander?

Juat my theory opinion whatever you want to call it...what do you think?


  1. For those who are wandering SMS = small man syndrome

  2. Hi Debs,

    I SO SO SO identify with you right now, you have NO idea. We really need to get together and vent. Hopefully I won't burst into tears! Strength to us both. xx

    I will think about your second question later - its toooo early now!

  3. Ah, so much pain I have to look forward to. :-(

    At the moment I am still the coolest, smartest, funnest and eternally bestest mom in the world.

    Maybe I should get it in writing now? Pffft, doubt that it would help.

    Sorry you going thru miff times but clearly you arent alone...i see it all around me.