Friday, March 18, 2011

18 March 2011

Is today the Ides of March. Me thinks it is and so it would not be a good day to mess with me. It takes a lot in business to make me really angry, but you do not want to see that side of me. I have worked my ass off for R3500 a month doing creditors for a Greek restaurant. It seems like a little money yes it is for the amount of work I am doing, for what I should be doing for them it is reasonable.

However ...... since last year Oct whenn we were visited by the Department of Labour for unfair Labour practice I stood into the role of managing the HR side of the business. Big mistake, I did it as a favour to my boss who lives in Jhb as there was no one else qualified to do so. That ends today! Needless to say I have been suitably cheesed off (I am using much stronger langusge in my head) and I am no ones fool. It ends today here right now.

Right now I feel better lets get back to living. It is 45 sleeps and I am off on a lifetime dream cruise with my better half. We are so excited we find ourselves just staring randomly into space and trying to believe how blessed we are. However my day used to say "The harder I work the luckier I get!" Actually I think Gary Player the great golfer said that but my day used to quote it all the time. Andre and his team worked really hard to reach the target set by Good Year and now thanks to his great leadership we are being rewarded a cruise for 10 days on The Windsurf.

How did I qualify well I have been married to Andre for almost 21 years - i think I qualify!!!!!!!!

I rest my case we are thoroughly going to be SPOILT.

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  1. Oh wow! Lots to dream about and look forward to and a well deserved trip awaits you! Enjoy!