Sunday, December 14, 2014

Life's choices

So once again I am at a cross roads in my life. Both roads are amazing choices. Both roads have equal pros and cons if I write them down on paper. So how does one know if you are making the absolute right and best choice? I have come to the conclusion in my head that you don't know. Yes you can pray and yes God can give you clear direction and for the last two years I definitely know that I had a clear mandate from God. I have felt fulfilled and love what I do. Sometimes I wish God had whats app and He could reply when I sent Him a message. It has been a long and exhausting year with many highs. My daughter turned 21 and in a few days she will graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Cape Town. A proud moment for her dad and I. For her a stepping stone towards a great future. She will return to do her Honours as she continues on the road to becoming a Chartered Accountant. Jason is heading towards his 21st in May next year, he will begin his studies at Cornerstone Christian College. He has had a year of writing some amazing music, working hard on his health and has achieved much in this 2nd gap year. I am proud of how he has coped with the challenges he faced this year. Jesse has maintained his high standard at school and he heads to Grade 11 next year. He keeps reminding us of the count down to him getting his learners license. I look forward to that day. How life has changed he no longer counts down the sleeps to Christmas but 33 sleeps too his learners. I am truly blessed with respectful, loving and intelligent kids. I can at least look back and say I have been a good mom. I have been toying with the idea of completing my will definitely depend on which fork in the road I choose to take. My year is almost over I finish working on the 23rd. I am exhausted and cannot wait to have a decent break, something I haven't had all year. I have promised myself that when I leave Silikamva on the 23rd to go on holiday I will not open my laptop until I return on the 12th of January. I will not check emails I will not think finance. I will completely have some downtime and do fun and creative things with my family. My much behind scrap books will hopefully be filled with new inspiring and creative pages. I have a few painting projects for my house but other than that I just intend to veg.
I am grateful to my husband for all his support and his continued hard work. I am really spoilt to have such a strong wonderful and giving man in my life. I love him to the moon and back!

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  1. I hope you will open your laptop to say hello to me at least once in the veg-ness of your much aniticipated holidays. I want to hear allll about these choices and give my 5c worth! Exciting times! x