Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I am like a dog -my dog in particular

I have the most adorable Jack Russell. His name is Sam. I have had Sam since 2007. I got him when he was just five. So now he is about 12 years old. He is as blind as a bat. His sense of smell and hearing have heighted dramatically since he has become completely blind. We have walked a long road Sam and I. When I got him he was this hyperactive dog with a small man syndrome. He is no longer hyperactive and well unfortunately he still has a small man syndrome. When we go walking he still thinks he can take on dogs twice his size. We don't walk so often anymore because due to his blindness it is difficult. I love coming home and he hears my car and comes charging. He greets me always with such joy. He has gotten used to our home in his blindness and pretty much knows where to walk. It is problematic when I move things around. Lately he has been walking under my feet almost tripping me ad well lets say I have lot of bruises on my shins to prove it. So why all this blogging about Sam, I am glad you asked. Well today I am about to make a big change in my life and well it has been a difficult night's sleep with me rethinking and rehashing my decision, I realise like Sam I have so much loyalty. it is a rare quality in today's world.
This is why the decision is so hard for me. All my friends and family are encouraging me. The decision I have taken is difficult for me. I do feel a sense of loyalty, it is going to be difficult for me. Change is always difficult. It is however how we grow and push ourselves to be better. So after much prayer and rehashing I am going to take this opportunity with open hands and an open heart believing this is God's next best in the journey of growing me. I have also begun to realise that it is His best for my family. I cannot see the future but He can and I know that He will not lead me where I should not go. I have a supernatural sense of peace and calm which has come over me, even though my heart feels nervous and because I have invested so much of myself in my present situation my heart does feel torn. I am walking blind like Sam into a new situation but like Sam I am trusting my owner to lead and guide me just as I show Sam when I have moved furniture around. I will probably encounter a few knocks in the process. It is a new season for our family as we walk boldly into the challenges of 2015. I will grab hold of every opportunity, I will embrace new things. I will treasure the things I have learnt and hopefully take something of what I have learnt and the mistakes I have made and trust that as I go into this new season that His glory will continue to shine in the dark places, and that wherever He leads even though I fell like my blind dog I will trust that He has me in the palm of His hand. The song I published just before this post I have to believe that....no one sings it better than Kari Jobe. http://youtu.be/6d9Lkgy-Nkc

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  1. Exciting times! :)
    For you and yours. All the best.