Thursday, December 25, 2014

Getting Christmas Right

I think I can truly say that this year for the first time ever we got Christmas right! We had a dinner on Christmas Eve, at the Silikamva High. I had invited children dear to my heart and asked them to come with their families if they had families.Most those I invited don't actually have families which was why I decided to do this. So with the help of my good friend Mrs Edwards we thought about how we could make this work. We told all our friends that this is what we were doing this Christmas Eve and if they wanted to join us they could. Well they all joined in. It was an amazing time of loving people less fortunate than ourselves. In no way are they any less than us, in actual fact they are so rich and full of warmth. I loved every minute last night of doing Christmas with these folk. It was just an evening of fun with some of my students and some who brought a mom or aunt along or sibling. We ate. we laughed, we took lots of photos. It was a time of building friendships and really living diversity! I will never do Christmas any other way again. I will always try to love this way going forward. To continue to genuinely love and care for people whose life is so much more difficult than mine on a resource level. Leaving Silikamva and moving on next month is going to be deeply difficult for me. In some ways I feel God's timing is perfect but I know that my heart is going to break in tiny pieces as I say goodbye at the end of January. I know it will only be good bye on an admin level, I have formed deep and lasting friendships with some of the young girls and I intend to be like a mother figure to them, to take them on hikes and to engage on a different level. But my time will be less and I will no longer see their beautiful smiles everyday. I trust God will show me how that future engagement will be. I am looking forward to a new season, especially in growing relationships with my two boys as we travel to school and college together. How cool that I will be working in close proximity of all my three kids next year. We will be able to do coffee and lunch sometimes. It is a scary thought going into new territory once again as I am so comfortable and secure in my present environment, and I have worked hard to get things to a level where actually everything is working. It will be easy for the next person to walk into my role with everything set up. I guess that's what being a pioneer is all about. I have always asked God to keep me open to being a pilgrim on this journey He has called me to. I never want to be complacent in my walk with Him. I am able to do hard so long as I know it is Him that is leading me.
I feel it is, there were 100, then there were 10, then there were 3. Then there was the call to say that they would like to offer me the position as Finance Administrator at St Joseph's Marists College. I made it out of 100 CV's they looked at. It was a great ego boost, as I have had my ego bruised a few times this year. It has given me the confidence to believe in myself and the skills I have to offer again. So I will embrace this challenge with both hands open and a heart that is available and seeking after God. I will finish strong at Silikamva next month, I will trust God to bring in the right person to continue to support and love these precious lives with a love and capacity that perhaps will be greater than mine.....

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