Monday, June 8, 2015

Monezi - Another senseless murder of a promising life

I first met Monezi In March of 2014. He was a quiet unassuming young man. We had been quietly sitting at break the children enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly the chaos emerged out of nowhere, screams and children running to try an find a place of safety. A boy came into my office blood everywhere, I was so grateful Gus Duffet had been there to help me, he took care of Monezi he quickly got the bleeding under control. Immediately I called the ambulance service and then we waited. I did the motherly thing I made him drink sugar water and I rubbed his back and tried to console him. He sat quietly in my office without complaining whilst I continually tried to find out why the ambulance was taking so long to get there. On Saturday this young man's life was cut short by the same gang violence that has ravaged this community for years. That day Monezi had been a marked man and they had failed, but on Saturday this promising life came to an end. He was stabbed to death. A life of promise cut short extinguished forever. I still remember chatting to him about how amazing the doctors had stitched him up and saved his eye, we chatted about how fortunate he had been that day and that he must take care and walk away from the gang life. We chatted about how he had a bright future because he was at Silikamva and he could get a good Matric and that the world could then be his oyster. Today my heart aches for a mother who has lost a son. A friend who has been lost to many of his peers at Silikamva. He was a promising soccer player. A team player. The many lives he could have touched if he had gone on to achieve what he had desired, to be a social worker. He loved children and wanted to give back to this community where he had grown up and come to love. The very community that struck him down. I don't know the circumstances of his death except that it was a stabbing. I am sure in the days to come I will hear the many stories as they emerge. Part of me wishes I could still be working at Silikamva now to be there to comfort those who mourn. To put my arms around his friends and hold them while they cry. But I am not there so I can only do what I am able to and that is pray for these children, these families and the community. Monezi may you rest in peace, May the God comfort, comfort your mother. And as you play soccer now on the streets of heaven may you find the peace that you so eagerly desired. Till we meet again...... be sure to be waiting for me ...Miss Debbie

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