Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16th - Youth day

I love my country so much. I love the people the colourfulness of South Africa. I even love this awful winter weather we are experiencing, because I get to sit around cozy fireplaces with my family and have tea and chats with friends.
But winter for some means harsh conditions, leaking shacks not enough warm winter clothes. No space to get washing dry. School clothes for the next day won't dry if a child only owns one shirt or trousers. I love the Common Good initiative of Warm up Winter. The scary thing was I had so much good stuff I could give away that I just haven't worn. My daughter also gave generously and we were shocked at how much excess we had. June the 16th has been an awesome time with my family and friends lots of cooking lots of good fellowship. But for some the history of today will forever be the day when a mother lost a child a brother lost a sister a sister lost a brother.
Hector Pieterson being carried by Mbuyisa Makhubo after being shot by South African police. His sister, Antoinette Sithole, runs beside them. Pieterson was rushed to a local clinic and declared dead on arrival Tomorrow I will attend the Memorial Service of Monezi Monziwa a young man whose life was ended by gang violence. A boy who had a future because education is so much better than it was in 1976. People has life really changed for the poor and marginalized? Everyday since Monezi's death I have not stopped thinking about the other precious children of the community in Hout Bay, everyday children go to school fearing for their lives. yes they have a good school great teachers but the environment in which they live is harsh. One hopes that this young man did not die in vain. Was his death senseless? yes I believe it was, perhaps out of this sadness the community will work harder at trying to be rid of gangs, perhaps government in the Western Cape will take more seriously the issue of gangs among the youth perhaps the police will come down harder on vigilanty gangs Perhaps, perhaps... maybe the lioness will take up her place and lead the young cubs with greater vision and purpose. maybe the church will arise and young men and women will no longer be silent but will stand against violence and gangsterism! God help me to stand for social justice no matter what the cost. REMIND ME THAT IN PRAYER many battles are fought and won.

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