Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The 2.30am Women's Club

So I am writing this blog to invite all pre post in the middle wherever you may find yourself MEN a PAUSAL women! Let's start a 2.30am Women's Club. Those of you in this stage of life will know what I am referring to, no matter how late or how early you go to bed you will find yourself awake at this ungodly hour. If like myself over the last few days that has been due to a horrid female problem!!!! So after I have bathed at 2am made some tea I sit in the silence of my lounge trying desperately not to make a noise. However I find myself wanting to do things that almost cannot be done quietly. I might find my hand at baking but this is precarious because it makes noise especially if one has butter fingers. You do not want to alarm the household with banging pots, although you will find none of them complain when waking up to hot homemade treats.
The other awful thing about this phase in my life is that I seem to have become a DUST BUSTER! I find every spec of dust in sight and then one thing leads to another and at some insane ungodly hour I find myself rearranging furniture! We could have skype bookclubs, skype coffee or wine parties! So the other beef I have is this... so I go for my gynae check up 2 weeks ago because I feel well something is not quite right. He discovers some sort of "extra lining 16mm thick in my uterus" so says "um oh dear this isnt normal". He promptly puts me on some tablets and says "you can expect a heavy bleed in 10 days. After which you must come back and we will rescan and see if there is progress." HAHA he also says you are not menopausal, you are too young. Dude I have had night sweats for 7 years my husband blames all my mood swings on menopause and well these sleepless nights! Last year I was at the start this year I am nowhere near it! Whatever dude! Anyways like clockwork the big bleed starts this past Sunday.....OMG he was not joking what a fricking nightmare. 42 sanitary towels in 2 days and when you haven't needed to buy these little suckers for over ten months well lets just say I could have almost had a mani/pedi with the amount of money they cost. Anyway after 3 days I am completely over this I cannot function normally I finally get hold of him and say "Dude I have a life can we please make this stop!" I am so over washing sheets and clothes he goes "okay you can take tablets that should ease it up". So R800 for a consult R700 for bloods which say absolutely nothing R300 on tablets R160 on sanitary towels. Seriously who needs this, I could have taken myself off to a spa for 2 days! I say lets just get rid of this child incubating piece of nonsense I am so over this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So do I have any takers wanting to join me in the 2.30am Women's Club .....or do I find myself Alone!

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