Sunday, August 17, 2014

Living with hope

What does it mean to say we have a hope and a faith? Is it the absence of problems walking in perfect health always having everything we need? What happens when life throws you a curve ball when you find yourself facing possible disease or you lose someone you love dearly, does it mean that you have sinned done something wrong? Is God punishing you for sin, is there unforgiveness in your life unconfessed sin? I don't believe so. When we believe in the resurrection. in life eternal then when problems like cancer, death and other overwhelming situations face us in life we have a Hope, an Anchor, a Saviour. a friend that we can turn to. If we walk closely with Jesus and bad things happen to us it does not always mean that you have unresolved sin sometimes life just happens. We are not living in the new heaven and the new earth, we are living in a fallen world one that has problems and when life gives you lemons I believe you need to make lemonade. And not sugar free lemonade the kind that Tee makes with a small bag of sugar and tastes delicious. The bible says rejoice always. In all things give thanks. If the fig tree does not blossom and the vine bears no fruit still I will praise Him.(Habbakuk 3v 17) Those scriptures are a clear indication that trouble and hard times will come but even in that God does not change and He is worthy of our praise. One of my favourite psalms Psalm 57 David finds himself in difficult times but he chooses to exalt God. Life is a choice, CHOOSE LIFE!

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