Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life's sweet simple pleasures

I love break times at our school. I love watching the children playing, laughing, eating forming relationships. I moved my desk so that I could see them from my window as I work. I love hearing their laughter. The smiles on their faces as they eat the meal provided for them. For some of them it is their only meal of the day. The passion of our boys as they chase after a soccer ball. The noise of the girls as they play a skipping game. I was walking to the staffroom the other day and the girls were playing this skipping game. I stopped for a second to capture this on video and was transported back in time to my own childhood. I remembered playing with the elastic around our ankles, drawing with chalk as we played hopscotch in the streets.
I love that cellphones are not allowed at our school, I love that these kids can still enjoy the simple sweet pleasures of life.

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