Wednesday, July 27, 2011

26 July 2011

When I think back a year ago today I remember how sick I was feeling, I had contracted measles and no one even picked it up. How my life is so different today. It is amazing what a different year 2011 has been. I am overwhelmed at God's goodness and grace on my life.

When I look at how the pieces of our life are put together. Think of this, 1986 I meet Hlubi who back then I was introduced to her as Theodora, We work together on the Doulos for 2 weeks as the ship is docked in PE harbour. We have our photo taken, share ice cream together and as young carefree girls spend a lot of time laughing. Three years later I walk into a shop at All Nations college in the UK and I see Hlubi and myself on the cover of a little book called 10 Myths about Christianity.

We do not see each other again. 2009 Hlubi googles me and we connect via Facebook. A few visits to Cape Town and PE and we are chatting and sharing our lives as if we never parted ways.

God presents an opportunity for me to assist this amazing woman in her business. I am humbled as she chooses me to help her in this small way. She is Business Woman of the Year in PE two years ago, I am self trained in books and I am able to help,and as we work it does not even feel like work. I am revived enthused and excited about life as I walk along side this strong woman with a VERY big heart.

Our families have an affinity to one another our kids love being with her kids and are so similar in many ways. Who would have know that Hlubi and I would both break new ground in SA both marrying across the colour bar, 21 years ago for me and 18 for Hlubi. Who would have imagined our lives would become so interlinked.

I think God has a way of joining all the pieces together and when we leave things to the Great Architect of life and allow His hand to build into our lives something beautiful and almost delicious if you give me poetic license is created. I call it TOPDECK!

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  1. This is a stunning post - i never realised how intertwined your lives were for so long. Awesumness!! xx


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