Thursday, November 25, 2010

25 November 2010

Yesterday was a very difficult day. I have never had to mediate a dismissal before. One of the barman stole a Red Bull amd was caught last week. He arrived half an hour late for the hearing and then proceeded to beg for his job. He also arrived with his two kids. I instructed him that his children may not sit in and that if needs be we will postpone to next week. He however wanted to continue. It was clear that this guy was stealing probably on a regular basis but this time he got caught. Losing your job over a Red Bull! Are there degrees to theft? I dont believe there are. He then became quite arrogant in the end and demanded i pay him there and then. I ended up leaving work at 4.30 and sat in that horrific traffic. I was so mad that this had happened due to this guys arrogance, and in the end after deducting the loans he had made and the staff that he owed money to, he ended up owing us. Anyway I think it was an awesome learning curve for me.

Today I also went to a new physio who also focuses on rehabilitation. It was amazing to talk to him and discuss a programme that will help me to get stronger regain my proper balance and generally help me to help myself. I explained to him that I feel that I cannot keep paying for physio sessions but need to get help as I am really still battling I cannot lift my left arm above shoulder height and it continually aches, I still battle with balance still having no feeling in those left 3 toes. Some days I am so stiff when I wake up I literally have to will myself out of bed. It was tough he gave me a load of exercises and has given me a programme which he expects me to follow. But I needed this someone to make me work to improve my posture for the long term. So to all my friends I give you permission to poke me in the back if you see me slouching. It is painful but my mom al;ways said "No pain No gain" She is a wise woman.

Anyhow I have been making a concerted effort to start my day pausing and reflecting on the word of God. I believe this has made an impact and given me grace to walk humbly and with grace in what has been an incredibly difficult week.

Off to bed now I don't want to fall back into my bad habit of working too late.

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  1. Trust that the physio's programme will help quickly and lead to complete recovery Debs.
    Keep smiling no matter what! :)


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