Sunday, November 14, 2010

14 November 2010

One month and I will be packing for Johannesburg. I haven't had Christmas with my family in almost 13 years. I am so excited. My little niece Emma is so adorable and my great newphew Riley is gorgeous. Two little babies to play with, what bliss. I will be staying with my brother and his family so I will have Emma all to myself. Also to have Christmas with Children who still get excited about Father Christmas will be awesome, because my kids as old as they are still love putting out the milk and cookies.I am just praying that we can still get flights for Andre. He can only join us for the Christmas weekend.

Christmas.....what memories does that invoke in you. The smells of delicious food, beautiful lights presents wrapped to perfection, family hugs and happiness. If that is you then remember that you are part of the priviledged view.

For many in South Africa this is not their reality.Let's try remember that this Christmas and give generously to the poor the aged the lonely and the orphaned.

I love Sundays when there is nothing planned. Andre and Jesse went off early this morning to go 4x4 in the mountains of Stellenbosch an awesome Father and Son outing which Jesse won via an internet car game. Ashleigh and Jason got down to some serious studing(well at least I hope it was serious) and I have pottered around. Washing done, went to the nursery and bought some lettuce chives and lavender and have been playing in the garden for most of the morning.

Now I am lying listening to Bette Midler and soon I am going to get stuck into some serious scrapbooking. What a beautiful and blessed and full life I have.

My health is getting better too. Stiffness is something I am learing to cope with and the more I exercise the better I feel everyday and definitely notice a difference when I am bad and break away from being preservative free in my diet!!!! Generally though I am 100% better.

So may you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday..... watch this space for pictures of my veggie garden!!!

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