Thursday, October 28, 2010

28 October 2010

Two months and the year will be over. Roll on 2011 - 2010 has been a very tough year. Health and finance a constant challenge.

What a pleasure to only be working with Kuzina. Chris employed two new ladies both Greek. Ioanna is a lovely bubbly person who has worked all over the world making restaurants work. This is just what Kuzina needs. Already you can see the waiters are more attentive they are starting to operate more professionally. I enjoy going into work now things are definitely getting more organised. Its also great to be using my legal skills again, I feel like now all my studing has been worth it. And it is a wonderful thing to feel appreciated. There has been abit of pressure to get things organised and I feel a bit like an ostrich at the moment with my head buried in the sand of work - lots of it. But I am loving it. So good to use my brain again and to be part of something bigger. Zoe is also new also from Greece and she has a soft and gentle spirit. So all you peeps out there come and try our restaurant. The food is heavenly and the atmosphere well we would like you to feel like its a home away from home. You will find Kuzina at the New Cape Quarter. Parking is reasonable with your first 45 minutes free so you can linger longer and enjoy a leisurely meal and enjoy all that the Cape Quarter has to offer. Hope to see you all there this weekend.

My health is definitely on the up and up. Feeling stronger everyday. My legal work is a bit slow at the moment but then I havent had much time to focus on it as I have been very busy with Kuzina. I plan to do a bit of marketing with fliers and business cards and well of course the best way word of mouth so please get those tongues wagging!!!!

Its a stunning day in Cape Town and I plan to enjoy the beautiful weather once I have fought with SARS to hurry and give us out VAT number ....wish me luck and patience and a kind and gentle but firm demeanour!!!Enjoy today

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