Sunday, October 17, 2010

17 October 2010

Gosh so long ago since I had a chance to blog. So much has happened, I have been diagonosed with late onset asthma and rheumatoid arthritis of the left lung! I had to give my bird away, Georgie has been with me for 5 years - I am a bird lady some people love dogs - I love birds! It was a sad day but apparently he was also making me ill. I gave him to a little old lady in PArkwood, and I believe he has settled well. All this due to complications of adult measles!
I also resigned for Wakame and am now only working for Kuzina. I am also concentrating on setting up my Paralegal business.

Ashleigh had her Valedictory on Thursday and Friday was her final day of school. Time waits for no one my baby is writing her final exams. She has been accepted to UCT to study BComm Accounting for 2011. My baby girl has started driving and is off to varsity. It feels weird but good.
Next year I am again going to attempt studing as well and wish to complete my LLB through Unisa in the next 5 years.

Life continues to be beautiful and as things change daily I am more convinced that I serve a God who never changes, His love is constant in a constantly changing and advancing world, and each day I want to go deeper with Him to know Him more to serve Him more.

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