Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 - Far from the Maddening Crowd

I welcomed 2015 in around a campfire in a place called Beaverlac. We went camping! Yes me, I went camping with family a friends. I am not a camper, but I had decided that I could do this. My son Jesse had booked for us and a group of our close friends to camp at Beaverlac for 2 nights. So off we went armed with a borrowed tent and a borrowed blow up mattress, lots of food and a good attitude. WOW what an amazing experience! My husband, older son Jason and daughter Ashleigh stayed only one night. They saw the new year in with us on the 31st and then drove home the morning of the 1st. Jason had to work and well the other two decided 1 night was enough!(Diva's) What a beautiful place. It was full of people camping, but we found a spot and set up camp. It was so relaxing, so peaceful. Beautiful pools just a 10 minute walk from our tents.
I will admit next time I go I need a better mattress. We ended up borrowing a single blow up mattress instead of the double one, so my son used that and we had to use a make shift one from Avril's car boot. But besides uncomfortable sleep, the experience was glorious. I woke on new years day went to the main waterfall pool and spent time worshipping and singing to my God. It was just me, and nature and I was alone so I could sing at the top of my voice. I watched the sun rise it was beautiful. What an awesome way to enter 2015.
I felt like I had been away for about a week. it was only two days. Thank you Avril for the idea and to Jesse for acting on that idea and making the bookings. I loved seeing the new year in with our friends. and Jeremy Schuster for the inspirational thoughts around the scriptures. You missed your calling dude, you should be running a church.
I look forward to 2015 and all that it has to throw at me. With God, grace and friends I will embrace the challenges.

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