Friday, February 11, 2011

11 February 2011

Today my sweet and sarcastic Ashleigh is 18! I remember every detail of her birth likeit was yesterday. She was my first so I was determined to have a natural birth ~ I was so naive if only I had known I would have sought out the anaethetist when I walked through those doors at the Park Lane. She was born at 5h27 weighing 3.24kg and was 51cm. Today she is 18 slightly taller than me and definitely all grown up. She is loving Varsity life and has become a social being overnight. It is wonderful to see your child blossom but also slightly nerve wracking.

We are fetching her at 7 from res and having breakfast at Commonground Cafe, later we are having drinks at Alba Lounge somewhere at the Waterfront
We are just the Taxi drivers to get her and her friends there ~ we are not aallowed to stay.

I am proud of her and glad to see all my hard work finally bearing some fruit. Its cool to see your children get wings and begin to fly but not so cool to realise that actually you are middle aged. Was browsing through some old pictures last this space I will try to scan in and upload some pics of days gone by.

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  1. Happy birthday to your Ashleigh a little late. Many more wonderful and fun times with her!


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