Monday, September 28, 2015

On the Eve of my 49th Birthday

A lot has happened since my last birthday!. Last year I wrote down 48 things that I was grateful for. I am still grateful for a lot of those things I wrote down. As I reflect on my year it just seems to have sped by so fast. I look back and think about all I have been through, and all I can say is but for the grace of God go I! As I enter my last year of my forties I look back and smile, what a ride it has been. The roaring forties the fabulous forties call it what you will it, has been amazing incredible and I look back and think, how did I get old so quickly I remember it like yesterday that I just left high school.
I am so looking forward to having all my favourite people come and celebrate with me Gatsby style on Friday Evening. I love doing life, I love having my best friend and lover beside me everyday when I wake up. I love the beautiful children God has chosen me to raise. I love my dog, Sam. God has a new adventure waiting for me around the corner, I look forward to all that He has in store. I will walk humbly and trust that He has my best interests at heart. I trust that each day I feel His heartbeat a little closer and strive each day to reflect His face more and more to a broken world desperately in need for the love of a Saviour.

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