Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Life at St Joseph's and fitting into my new role...... Lessons on letting go

So I began my journey at St Joseph's Marist College on the 9th of February. I am about to go into my second term in my new work environment. Term 1 was a really busy one, with Jazz on the Lawn, Sports day, the Gala, St Joseph's day, just to name a few things which kept us busy besides our regular work.
It has not been a difficult transition for me, from a work perspective. The transition has been difficult on a personal level. I had gotten so comfortable and felt so in control of everything at Silikamva, and now I am in an environment where I am not really regarded by others, no one really knows me or what I am capable of. I really loved working for Gus, he was a good leader and a fair person. A person felt inspired to give of their best. Now I daily have to find my inspiration from within. Knowing God moved me on for a greater purpose makes it easier, and I trust that each day He will reveal the greater plan to me. With Andre taking up a new role in the Southern Suburbs 5 minutes from home, my move to St Joseph's makes complete sense now. It is fantastic to travel each morning with both my sons, it is awesome to be close to my daughter and be able to easily cook for her and have her come collect her meals and at least I get to see her more, all those are neat things. Jesse was placed 1st in his Grade, obviously my presence their gives him a greater sense of security and he is just thriving. Slowly I am carving my own identity at St Joseph's. It has been difficult for me to not have contact with children the way I used to, but there are so many different way to avail myself to children in a different way at St Joseph's. The Special Needs Unit has already found a special place in my heart, and I look forward to my weekly visit from the children collecting the recycling.
It has been difficult letting go of Silikamva, but the time has come. I have just finished completing last years finances for them on Pastel and tomorrow I will hand over to the Auditors and do my final sign off. I am helping the new Administrator with the first 3 months of 2015 which I will complete and hand over this weekend. So I feel a sense of relief. It has been a tough term. I have however just enjoyed a full weeks holiday, lots of downtime with my husband, lots of time out and about with friends, and lots of home chilling with my boys. I managed to repaint my kitchen this holiday and have started finalizing Jason's 21st album. It is an exciting time preparing for his party, my family will all be here in just over a month, it is so exciting!!! If you know me, you will know I love parties and I love gathering people together. I love creating memories. So as I go back to school tomorrow I am looking forward to getting stuck in working hard but also of course playing hard. Life is sweet at the moment and I have a grateful heart!

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  1. Nice to see you back in Blogland. Glad the new position is great on so many levels and before you know it you will be like part of the furniture there! (In a good and comfortable way!) :)