Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why blogging...?

So I was thinking today why do I occasionally blog? Yes I know my blog is called Debs Daily Doodles, Ha ha what was I thinking seriously one barely has time for quiet and meditation everyday now to put myself under the pressure of daily blogging! I guess that is just a reflection of my personality, I take on a million things thinking I can achieve them all, but all I really do I set myself up for disappointment. I have scrap books on the go, I work full time, I raise a family, I am a wife , a mother a lover, a friend. And now I have decided its time to learn how to crochet. I have all sorts of things I want to make. Actually I want to crochet because every night when I curl up on the couch next to my lover and best friend, generally I fall asleep. Sometimes apparently(altho I find it difficult to believe) I snore so much that he sneaks off to the room and watches TV in bed because I disturb him. So hopefully keeping my hands and brain busy will keep me awake. What is a blog anyway? Really an online diary, most of us work 24/7 on our laptops so it makes sense to have an online diary. Actually usually its a great distraction from working. Somehow we feel productive spewing our thoughts on paper and it makes us feel like we are being profound and takes the guilt away from the fact that actually I started out on this laptop this afternoon to do work. I should be working on the 2015 Budget for Silikamva High School but here I am blogging! So much more fun and then every now and then I go catch up on my friends blogs I follow. We think we have become workaholics but actually we have become laptopaholics. We cannot cope unless we are staring at a screen. If its not our phone then its our laptop or else its our Ipad or our TV. I think as difficult as it my be I am going to challenge myself for 10 days, to detox from all screens unless absolutely necessary. Tomorrow I begin another 10day detox with juicing I think I will do the same with technology....wish me luck!!! Well clearly my 10 day detox hasn't quite started yet! Still thinking on this question why blog. Actually it is a really cool way to keep a journal of our lives so when we are long gone those we love can actually go back and somehow remember who we were. I was just going through my friend's son's Facebook. Darren Mitchell would have been 24 today. I laughed and cried as I went through some of his pictures. It was comforting to look at his life and smile at the good times he had. So I have decided that even though I have less than ten people following my blog or actually even less who read it, I will keep writing. I find it therapeutic to record sometimes ingenious thoughts that go through my head. Sometimes just writing things down gives us a clearer perspective on life. Today my thoughts are with my friend Debi and her family as they remember Darren's birthday. Thinking about his life reminds me of that song by Casting Crowns. "I am a flower quickly fading here today and gone tomorrow, a wave tossed in the ocean, a vapour in the wind..." So today I will thank God for giving me breath, another day to take hold of. I will live with intent. I will remind myself that my God is for me and not against me, I will walk bravely into this day and try to bring kindness and love to all who come across my path.

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  1. Hello! You hit the nail on the head when you say that you do it to record YOUR life and thoughts. It's not about how many followers you have on a personal blog - never write to try and "please" your readers.... write for you.

    Obviously if a blog is business related it's a completely different story, but ours are personal. Write it for you, and those of us who know you will appreciate that, and those who don't, will get to know you.

    Keep writing... (after 10 days if you get the detox thing right!)